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Why purchase gas struts from SGS Why purchase gas struts from SGS

Boom Kickers

Some boom kickers are supplied with an optional integral gas strut to aid with lifting the boom. The gas strut will lift the boom when the kicking strap is released, opening the leech of the sail. A rod kicker with a gas strut replaces the topping lift, making reefing fast and simple. SGS can supply a replacement strut or assist in retrofitting a gas strut to a boom kicker.

Hatches, Panels & Doors

Unsecured hatches and panels can be dangerous and we are often tasked with helping to fit gas struts to control the panels motion and hold it in the open position. Take advantage of our free design service and let us specify the correct struts and mounting locations for your hatch.

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Please browse and order below from our most common marine gas struts. We recommend searching for the part number printed on the side of your old gas strut or calling our sales team on 01332 576 850 to help you locate the correct strut for your application. We can supply any gas strut, manufactured here in the UK and delivered next day, so even if you can't find what you are looking for we can still help.

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