Large Capability

We can modify any standard gas strut, on the same day, at no extra cost.

Quick & Easy

You don’t need to be an expert, call our friendly team now for an instant quotation.

Match Any Strut

We can match any gas strut, quickly and easily, from a part number or sample.

2 Year Warranty

Our industrial quality gas struts are covered by a no quibble two year warranty.

Boom kicker gas struts

Boom Kickers

Some boom kickers are supplied with an optional integral gas strut to aid with lifting the boom. The gas strut will lift the boom when the kicking strap is released, opening the leech of the sail. A rod kicker with a gas strut replaces the topping lift, making reefing fast and simple. SGS can supply a replacement strut or assist in retrofitting a gas strut to a boom kicker.

Radar arch gas struts

Radar Arches

We can design and specify gas struts for any application that required controlled motion, including one-off projects such as fitting gas struts to a radar arch. Manufactured fully from 316 grade stainless steel our gas struts are designed to with stand salt water conditions.

Hatch gas struts

Hatches, Panels & Doors

Unsecured hatches and panels can be dangerous and we are often tasked with helping to fit gas struts to control the panels motion and hold it in the open position. Take advantage of our free design service and let us specify the correct struts and mounting locations for your hatch.

Re-Gas Your Weak Gas Struts

We have developed a unique re-gassing service that caters for virtually any gas strut, while costing a fraction of the price of new struts. The service presents an ideal solution to replacing gas struts that have lost pressure, are no longer manufactured or cannot be found.

Free Design Service

Fit gas struts to an existing panel, flap, hatch or any application that requires a controlled motion. We can recommend the correct gas struts, brackets and mounting locations as well as provide free after-sales support.

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  • Starting at: £20.10