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  • Essential Power Tools for your Home

    When you move into your new home, unless you’re very fortunate you’ll probably have at least a few DIY tasks to carry out. Even if you don’t though, there’s an almost certain chance that at some point you’ll need to carry out some form of Read more
  • Which Ryobi ONE+ Battery is for me?

    There are plenty of great reasons why you’d choose to use power tools from the Ryobi ONE+ range that we have for sale at SGS Engineering. Firstly, they offer fantastic performance for all jobs that require them, from home DIY to renovation and Read more
  • SGS and Jaguar Land Rover

    Here at SGS we get some exciting projects come across our desk and through our workshop. Whether it's bespoke gas struts for a super yacht or providing equipment for the latest blockbuster film, we love a challenge. This collaboration between SGS a Read more
  • Mystery Monday August Round-Up

    In August we saw some great cars featured in our Mystery Monday challenge; as always, here’s our monthly round-up for those of you out there who missed out. We have three images of cars with their badges and insignia removed that were featured over Read more
  • Size Matters: Is Your Yacht Big Enough?

    SGS Engineering are suppliers of marine gas struts for yachts, boys, jet skis and more, but in our experience we've found out that you need to have a fair amount of cash to own your own yacht! Even some of the more modestly sized ones can be quite pr Read more
  • Change the Strimmer Wire on Your 26cc Strimmer Spool

    See our picture how-to guide above, for our easy step-by-step instructions on how to change your SGS 26cc Strimmer spool. Read more
  • How to Sharpen the Chain on Your SGS Chainsaw

    Cutting with a dull chainsaw saw leads to high fuel consumption and greater strain on your equipment. Avoid damaging your chainsaw and get the most out of your chains with this simple chain sharpening guide from SGS. When should I file my chainsaw ch Read more
  • How to Use Your Portable Generator In Case of a Power Cut

    Most of us at some point in our lives will have faced a power outage at home. Aside from the obvious inconvenience this causes, it can also be dangerous – particularly at night. Not only is there the risk of injury to you and those around you, you Read more
  • Can My Generator Be Used Outside In All Weather?

    There are many applications where you might want to use your generator outside, such as camping. This quick guide explains what weather protection each of the generators we sell have and where it's appropriate to use them in wetter conditions. SGS G Read more
  • Do I Need to Earth My Generator?

    Portable petrol generators are self earthed, and as such it is not necessary to have an earthing device. This includes all the SGS brand generators. Only you start using a generator about 10.0KVA or above you should be using an earthing spike. Some l Read more

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