• How To Fit the Chain Brake on Your SGS Chainsaw

    Fitting the chain brake casing to your SGS chainsaw can be a little bit fiddly. This quick how-to should help if you're having any problems assembling your chainsaw.  Scroll through the picture how-to above and follow the instructions. We also ha Read more
  • Ordering The Correct Gas Strut for Your Camper/ Recreational Vehicle

    With all the information available online, ordering the correct gas strut for your camper or recreational vehicle (RV) can seem a daunting task. With these few simple tips, we can have you back on the road and enjoying your vehicle again in no ti Read more
  • How Do I Drain The Fuel and Oil From My Generator?

    To drain the fuel from a generator Make sure the fuel tap is off Unclip the fuel hose from generator leaving it still attached to the fuel tap Put the end of the hose into your fuel can Open the fuel tap and let the fuel drain out To drain the oil Read more
  • How to Start a Strimmer Safely and Correctly

    Here at SGS we know that if you've not used a petrol strimmer before, getting a 2-stroke engine going for the first time can be a little daunting. See our picture how-to guide , for our easy step-by-step instructions for getting your SGS Strimmer Read more
  • Typical Power Ratings of Common Electrical Equipment

    You can use this guide to help select the appropriate generator for your needs. This is an approximate guide only. Please consult the equipment manufacturer for precise wattage. If in doubt, select the next largest generator.  1000Watts = 1.0KW 1.25 Read more
  • Top Tips on the Safe Use of Strimmers

    Last month we wrote a post detailing five gardening jobs you can use a strimmer for and we briefly touched on the safety aspects involved in their use. At SGS Engineering however we appreciate just how important it is to always work safely no mat Read more
  • How Do I Adjust The Cut Off Pressure Of The Compressor?

    Occasionally you may want to adjust the cut off pressure of your air compressor. With your SGS air compressor it couldn't be simpler to make these small adjustments.  The compressor is controlled by a pressure switch and a relief valve. The compre Read more
  • How to Change Strimmer Wire on a 52cc Strimmer Bump Spool

    See our picture how-to guide below, for our easy step-by-step instructions on how to change your SGS 52cc Strimmer spool. You can buy a replacement strimmer spool or line on our website here. Step One 1. To remove the spool, place your provided Read more
  • How to Change the Chain on Your SGS Chainsaw

    Anyone who owns a chainsaw will tell you just how incredible they are. With effortless power they make light work of felling trees, trimming branches and then cutting them up for disposal. Naturally, by hand such tasks will take a great deal of t Read more
  • Generator Buyers Guide: Which Generator Should I Order?

    Here at SGS we have a wide variety of generators for a number of domestic and commercial applications, so we understand that finding the perfecting one for your requirements might seem daunting at first. We’ve spent some time putting together a Read more

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