• How To Set Up and Fuel Your Chainsaw

      A chainsaw can be a powerful and versatile addition to your garden tool collection. Here at SGS we’ve designed three incredibly user friendly domestic chainsaws, perfect for keeping the garden in check. We’ve put together this compr Read more
  • How To Fit Gas Struts To Just About... Anything!

    Gas struts are not just found on vehicles, they are also being increasingly used in many, many applications. They are being found fitted to agricultural machinery doors, boat openings, beds with under storage, caravan storage compartments- if it o Read more
  • Which Air Compressor is Right For Your Job?

    With a compressor in your garage or just on the driveway, you can do all manner of work on you vehicles, such as touching up the paint work, wrenching off the wheel nuts, cutting metalwork, drilling the body, screwing... the list goes on. Read more
  • Air Compressor Safety Tips

    It's really important to look after yourself, others around you, and your air compressor equipment; so have a look at our SGS Engineering Air Compressor Safety Tips below. For the longevity of your air compressor   Repairs must only be carrie Read more
  • How To Lift Your Vehicle With A Trolley Jack & Axle Stands

      Having the ability to safely and securely lift a vehicle using a trolley jack and axle stands is a valuable skill to have. It has you covered for the changing of any potential flat tyres and it means you can work freely and more effective Read more
  • How to Set Up & Use an Air Compressor Safely

    Air compressors are great for a wide range of work tasks, such as: drilling, hammering, sanding, grinding, cutting, nailing, stapling, wrenching and more. Above we have a video showing how to use and setup and air compressor.  They can be used by am Read more
  • How to Start and Set Up Your Petrol Generator

    We all wonder what we would do if the power went out for any length of time. Picture it, you're sat there during a power cut and thinking 'I'll make a cup of tea', or 'I'll listen to the radio for the cricket match.' However, each and every time it's Read more
  • Air Compressor Setup for Spray Guns

    We all like a perfect finish, whether it is spray painting a car, the inside wall of a house, or a garden fence. Despite the most fastidious preparation the end result can resemble a pewter jug - the dreaded "orange peel" effect - if the paint applic Read more
  • How To Bleed or Air Purge a Trolley Jack

    Why You Need to Bleed Your Trolley Jack As a closed system that relies on hydraulic pressure to generate lift, you might think that a trolley jack is invulnerable to air contamination. Actually, this is far from the truth. In abstraction, it wou Read more

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