• Reclaim Your Garden this Summer

    Summer is here and now is the perfect time to get your garden in shape for those long afternoons in the garden and the family barbecues. How can you possibly relax with a good book under your tree if the deckchair has been reclaimed by the thicket? S Read more
  • How to Power a Developing Country

    It's no secret that the world's energy needs are growing more and more each day and our reliance on fossil fuels needs addressing. In our latest infographic, SGS Engineering takes a look at some shocking statistics about our energy consumption and wh Read more
  • Mystery Monday Round-Up for July

    It’s time again to look back over the month and recap the SGS Engineering Mystery Monday cars that we posted on our Facebook page for July. There were three vehicles featured across the last few weeks and in some cases we’ve seen our car nerds st Read more
  • From SGS with Love

    Here at SGS we encounter many exciting projects and commissions. Gas struts for luxury mega yachts, bespoke commissions for supercars, and generators for foreign aid work are just a small sample of the diverse range of projects we are proud to b Read more
  • Mystery Monday Round-Up for June

    Thanks to the way the Mondays have fallen in June, we’ve had the added treat of getting an extra week in our Mystery Monday challenge. Five different cars have graced the SGS Engineering Facebook page this month, some of which proving to be quite Read more
  • The Power of the Gas Strut

    At SGS Engineering, we live and breathe gas struts and are the experts when it comes to these ingenious little devices. We know that our gas struts deal with some impressive forces and this led us to question what the equivalent cumulative power of Read more
  • It's Not How Big Your Tool Is, It's How You Use It

    You might be under the impression that the most powerful tools are the largest ones, but you’d be mistaken. While there’s some truth in the fact that big industrial tools are highly powered, you can find that some of the most impressive tools Read more
  • What Your Generator Could Power

    How many petrol generators would it take to launch a space shuttle? How many Xbox One's could you run simultaneously from an SGS 2.8kVA generator? How many generators would CERN need to buy to keep the Large Hadron Collider running? Read more
  • Bottle Jack Challenge: What Will It Lift?

    Our bottle jacks come in a huge choice of capacities - from 2 tons all the way up to 50 tons. With such a large range though, it once again got us thinking outside the box. What can our bottle jacks technically lift? Read more
  • Mystery Monday Round-Up for May

    It’s that time again where we recap on the images we’ve posted this month in our Mystery Monday competition. May has seen three interesting entries and as per usual some equally interesting guesses from our resident car nerds; see if you can do a Read more

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