• Safely Prepare Your Vehicle for an Inspection

    Whether you consider yourself a master mechanic or you’re simply fascinated by cars, bikes and caravans and like to tinker with them, you should never forget that what you’re actually working with likely has the potential to be dangerous without Read more
  • Power a Soundsystem Using a Generator

    Here in Britain, we have a huge and diverse tapestry of music festivals and outdoor events all over the land, every summer. Whether it's a few of your mates bands at a village fete, or a not so legal gathering, or you're powering a massive soundsy Read more
  • Car Boot Emergency Pack Essentials

    Car boots can be a wonderful thing. Invaluable for everything from bringing home the weekly shop to helping you to move house, they can be piled high with a range of goods to make transportation a breeze. They’re also great for helping to keep you Read more
  • Car Inspection Creepers: Ensuring You’re Safe

    Anytime you decide that it’s necessary to take your creeper and get underneath a car – or any other vehicle for that matter – there’s no getting around the fact that it’s a dangerous task. Because of the severity of the task, we thought it Read more
  • Build a Bike Rack for the Tour de France

    The Tour de France is here in England, so if there was ever a time to get excited about cycling, now would be it! Here at SGS Engineering, we might sometimes appear very motor vehicle-centric, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about bike Read more
  • Replace Your Caravan’s Gas Struts in an Afternoon

    If you own a caravan, you’re probably more likely to be an expert in so-called “staycations” than you are in how caravans are constructed. However, one item that you can find almost everywhere in your caravan is the gas strut – the small tube Read more
  • The SGS Summer Review of Caravan Gas Struts

    Ahhh, the summer time. With hay fever sufferers starting to approach their peak levels of irritation, and the sweet sound of baby birds nesting in your roof waking you up at 5.30 every morning, what’s not to love?  But not only is the summer perfe Read more

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