Power Team High Tonnage Hydraulic Jacks

60-100 Ton Railroad Edition

Portable & compact, ideal for locomotive and railcar maintenance.
  • Patented load lowering valve. Lowers load smoothly and safely and eliminates dangerous chatter and bounce.
  • Full range of rod extensions. Jack comes fully equipped with extensions to match lifting pad heights on most rolling stock.
  • Low collapsed height, long stroke. 610 mm collapsed height for low-clearance lift pads. 360 mm stroke for maximum lift.
  • NEMA 4 electrical box and rain hood. Pump motor and controls protected from water. Quiet operation.
  • Cribbing block set with handles and convenient storage rack. Provides solid mechanical load holding.
  • High-profile, low rolling resistance, foam filled tires. Jack can be moved and positioned with minimal effort. No chance of downtime due to punctured tires.
  • Electric and air motor options. Quiet, powerful air and electric motor powered units available.
Capacity (Tons)Stroke (mm)Order NumberRetracted Height (mm)Extended Ht. w/Extensions (mm)Weight Less Cribbing (kg)


*Includes cribbing block set stored on jack handle rack, and 7 extensions (25,4; 50,8; 76,2; 101,6; 127; 254 and 308 mm)

PLE6014 = Jack, Electric, includes: Cart, Pump & Cylinder

PLE6014-220 = Jack, Electric (220 V)

PLA6014 = Jack, Air, includes: Cart, Pump & Cylinder

CBS60 = Cribbing Block Set (5 cribbing blocks)

PL60EXT = Extension Set (Consists of 7 extensions)

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55, 100 & 150 Ton Portable Jacks

Portable and compact, ideal for locomotive/railcar, mining and heavy equipment maintenance.
  • Modular design - pump and cart separate from cylinder and base.
  • Three tonnage capacity options - 55-ton, 100-ton and 150-ton.
  • Three collapsed height options - 660, 838 and 1143 mm.
  • Two standard power options - air (PA55) and electric (PE55). Two control options - remote motor control and remote valve/motor control.
  • Accessory options - 168 mm extension, load-holding rings.
  • Select the collapsed height to fit your most frequent application - add jacking modules to suit your needs.
  • Remote operation for maximum operator safety and control - choose "motor only" or "motor and valve" control in the hand.
  • Easy to maneuver - large tires and small "footprint" make it easy to scoot into the tightest quarters, then locate the exact lifting position.
  • Adjustable, heavy-duty handle - makes this jack easy to move, position under vehicles. Can also be used to transport jack on site with a forklift.
  • Load-holding rings (optional) - provide full rated mechanical load-holding capability.
  • Cylinder extension (optional) - adds more versatility by extending your jack's reach.
  • Low-temperature oil (optional) - provides smooth, reliable operation in the coldest climate conditions.
  • Modular design - allows you to change lifting modules to suit your tonnage or height requirements. Use the pump module as a portable power station for your other double-acting cylinders (10,000 psi).
  • Exclusive load-control system - provides positive, chatter-free control when lowering the load. Shielded and sheltered hydraulic lines - for safer, longer, trouble free service.
Capacity (tons)Stroke (mm)Order No.Pump TypeRetracted Height (mm)Extended Height (mm)Power RequiredValve Type
55333JEM5526Electric660.499425 ampsManual
100333JAM10033Air838.211721.4 cu m /min at 6 barManual
333JAR10033Air838.211721.4 cu m /min at 6 barAir Pilot
150333JEM15026Electric660.499425 ampsManual
333JAM15033Air838.211721.4 cu m/min at 6 barManual
  • High Tonnage
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