Power Team Mechanical Push Pullers

Made in USA
Power Team mechanical push pullers
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10, 17½ and 30 ton mechanical push-pullers for installing and removing pulleys, bearings, gears and a whole host of press-fitted parts.

The listed tonnage capacity of each push-puller is specified when the standard legs are in tension. The capacity will be reduced if longer legs are used or the legs are used in a compressed state. Always opt for the puller with the biggest capacity and the shortest legs that will suit the job.

  • Dependent on the puller set up, a pulling or pushing force can be exerted
  • Short reach to an exceptionally long reach, should optional leg kits be used
  • Power Team Push-Pullers are ideally suited for use with an impressive collection of bearing pulling attachments, internal pulling attachments and threaded adaptors
Order No.Can be used withReachMax SpreadScrew Size
10927 No. 1100 legs and No. 24827 leg ends included
No. 1123 bearing pulling attachment
No. 679 pulley pulling attachment
No. 1150, 1151, 1152, or 1153 internal pulling attachments
1/2" of forcing screw tip end is threaded 5/8"–18
210 mm54 - 184 mm3/4"–16 x 305 mm
17½938 No. 1106 legs and No. 24827 leg ends included
No. 1124 and 1130 bearing pulling attachments
No. 679 and 680 pulley pulling attachments
No. 1150, 1151, 1153, 1165, or 1166 internal pulling attachments
Leg ends threaded 5/8"–18
282 mm79–298 mm1"–14 x 336 mm
30939 No. 1109 legs and No. 28390 leg ends included
No. 1126 and 1127 bearing pulling attachments
No. 680 pulley pulling attachment (two 8012 adapters are required to connect 680 to puller)
No. 1165 internal pulling attachment
Leg ends threaded 1"–14
267 mm178–413 mm1 1/2"–12 x 438 mm
TitleOrder No.DescriptionLeg Length
2x legs for 9271103Reach equals 121mm plus 50.8 mm with leg end caps.121 mm
1100Reach equals 171mm plus 50.8 mm with leg end caps.171 mm
1102Reach equals 298mm plus 50.8 mm with leg end caps.298 mm
1101Reach equals 400mm plus 50.8 mm with leg end caps.400 mm
2x legs for 9381107Reach equals 114mm plus 50.8 mm with leg end caps.114 mm
1106Reach equals 241mm plus 50.8 mm with leg end caps.241 mm
1104Reach equals 419mm plus 50.8 mm with leg end caps.419 mm
1105Reach equals 572mm plus 50.8 mm with leg end caps.572 mm
1108Reach equals 762mm plus 50.8 mm with leg end caps.762 mm
2x legs for 9391109Reach equals 203mm plus 66.7 mm with leg end caps.203 mm
1110Reach equals 457mm plus 66.7 mm with leg end caps.457 mm
1111Reach equals 711mm plus 66.7 mm with leg end caps.711 mm
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Mechanical push puller application
Assembling the tool for push or pulling force
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