Power Team Roller Bearing Puller/Installer

Made in USA
Power Team roller bearing hydraulic puller
Power Team lifetime warranty
Railroad Edition 100 Ton

At SGS Engineering, we are proud to supply you with a great selection of power team roller bearing pulling/installer models. Power Team are leading name in power equipment and are the best choice if you want a quality roller bearing puller/installer that can deliver a substantial pulling force, which makes for fast and efficient removal or installation of roller bearings. As well as this, our supplied models are both convenient and versatile thanks to their excellent portability. So browse our selection of Power Team roller bearing puller/installers today, and find the right model to suit your needs.

  • 100 tons of pulling force for easy one man operation
  • Removal and installation of tapered roller bearings is quick and easy
  • Key bearing manufacturers consulted in the design process
  • Standard in the majority of wheel shops
  • Great portability: simple positioning and convenient storage potential
Order NoModel TypeCylinder TypeValve TypeH.PPump Information PhaseVoltage
PR2100J-E220JackDouble ActingSolenoid2**1230*
PR3100J-E380JackDouble ActingSolenoid33400*
PR2100S-E220SlingDouble ActingSolenoid21230*
PR3100S-E380SlingDouble ActingSolenoid33400*

Power Team now has four models to choose for greater flexibility. With both sling and jack models available and two pumps to choose from, you can tailor the unit to match your needs. With the proper equipment and know-how, removal and installation of axle journal roller bearings takes an absolute minimum of time and effort.

Each unit will service a full line of bearings with rotating end caps, from class B thru GG. No other method can match Power Team's simplicity. Removal is very easy. Simply remove the end caps, slip the pulling shoe between the bearings and the wheel, actuate the pump, and in seconds, 100 tons of pulling force removes the bearing. Installation is just as easy! Each unit is CSA certified (LR19814) and comes complete with a heavy-duty 100-ton hydraulic cylinder, 10,000 P.S.I. (700 bar) pump with remote control solenoid valve, hydraulic pressure gauge (No. 11543), a pulling shoe and installing tube.

Roller bearing puller dimensions
Order CodeStroke (mm)Pull (Tons)Inst. (Tons)Advance (mm/min.)Speed Pull (mm/min.)Inst. (mm/min.)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)
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Enforcer applications images

Class and size of bearing assembly Tool TBU & SP “Metric Tooling”

Tool Description120130140150
Pulling Shoe Insert AdapterNo. 351830No. 30512No. 30521No. 30520
Guide Tube & Cap Screw AssemblyNo. 253341No. 253342No. 253343No. 253344
Cap Screw**No. 253339No. 253394No. 253339No. 253395
Guide Tube AdapterNo. 21247No. 21247No. 21247No. 21247
Installing Tube Adapter RingNo. 253335No. 253336No. 253337No. 253338

Class and size of bearing assembly to be serviced

Tool DescriptionClass B 108 x 203 (No.)Class C 127 x 229 (No.)Class D 140 x 254 (No.)Class E 152 x 279 (No.)Class EE 140 Axle. (No.)Class EE 152 Axle. (No.)Class F 165 x 305 (No.)Class G 178 x 305 (No.)Class G 165 Axle. (No.)Class GG 165 Axle. (No.)
Pulling ShoeNo. 420845 is included as part of basic machine – Do Not Order      420846420846420846
Pulling Shoe Insert Adapter30522305123052130520305203051930519
Guide Tube & Cap Screw Assembly253313253314253317253318253316253327253320253321253319253323
Cap Screw**253156253349253308253155253307253308253310253326253309253309
Guide TubeNo.Adapter23934212482124821247212472124721247212472124721247
Installing TubeNo. 420845 is included as part of basic machine – Do Not Order      304173041730417
Installing Tube Adapter Ring212422125821256-121255-121255-121257-121257-1305863058530585
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