Power Team 50 Ton Hydraulic Puller Set

Made in USA
Power Team 50 Ton hydraulic puller set
Power Team lifetime warranty
50 Tons

50 ton hydraulic puller set for big jobs, comprising a 2-jaw and a 3-jaw puller (both 50 ton capacity) as well as a 50 ton hydraulic Push-Puller. All this, plus an impressive array of versatile attachments and other accessories.

  • A revolutionary designer and manufacturer of hydraulic tools for in excess of 80 years, Power Team’s patented pushing systems do everything you require of a big job puller set and more
  • Meticulous top end testing for reliability and performance at maximum capacity
  • The utmost in quality, durability and reliability: Power Team Marathon Lifetime Warranty
Datasheet All the items shown may not withstand the full tonnage specified. Example: When an accessory with a 1 ton capacity is used with a 7 ton puller, the setup can be used only at a force of 1 ton.
P55Single-stage hydraulic hand pump assembly
RT50350 ton cylinder with threaded insert
9798Hose half coupler
9767EHydraulic hose – 1,8 m
9670Tee adapter
9059EPressure gauge
108050 ton, 3-jaw hyd. puller
504492-way head for 1080
107650 ton cap. hydraulic Push-Puller® with 610 mm legs
1113864 mm legs for 1076
29595Speed crank
28230Screw cap
34755Pushing adapter
32698Adjusting screw
 Threaded Adapters
8024 (2)11/4" – 12F. x 13/4" – 12M.
802815/8" – 51/2 F. x 1" – 8M.
802915/8" – 51/2 F. x 1" – 14M.
1128Bearing pulling attachment
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