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Power Team slider hammer pullers
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Slide hammer pullers from Power Team make previously difficult removal of bushings, bearings, sleeves and other friction-fitted parts from blind holes a straight-forward task.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Pull motor, generator, and magneto bearings. Remove internal bearing cups, seals & bushings
  • Blind hole pullers
  • Reversible jaw pullers
  • Bearing cup removers
Puller TypeOrder NoDescription
Basic Slide HammerBasic Slide Hammer1155Compatible with internal pulling attachment. Compatible with threaded adapters. 610 mm length, 5/8"–18 threaded end and 2.3 kg hammer.
Basic Slide HammerBasic Slide Hammer11561155 slide hammer unit with 1.1 kg hammer.
Reversible Jaw Slide HammerReversible Jaw11761.1 kg hammer, 7241 two-way head and 34698 jaws. Ideal for pulling gears, bearings, outer races, grease retainers, oil seals, etc. Two or three jaws may be used and positioned for “inside” or “outside” pulling jobs. Both have 5/8"– 18 threaded end so attachments and adapters may be used. 2-Jaw set has 31.8 to 88.9mm inside spread and the 3-Jaw set has 38.1mm to 114mm inside spread.
Reversible Jaw Slide HammerReversible Jaw1177Same as 1176 but with 2.2 kg hammer.
Slide Hammer with Cup Pulling AttachmentSlide Hammer with Cup Pulling Attachment1157Consisting of slide hammer No. 1156 with No. 1152 internal pulling attachment for removing oil seals, outer races, and bearing cups from blind holes. 102mm max reach and 38.1 to 152mm spread.
Slide Hammer with Cup Pulling AttachmentSlide Hammer with Cup Pulling Attachment11581157 but with 1155 2.2kg slide hammer.
Pilot Bearing PullerPilot Bearing Puller117019.1mm Reach, 12.7 to 38.1mm Internal Diameter Spread. These versatile pullers are built especially for inside pulling jobs, and particularly for removing flywheel pilot bearings on machines and construction vehicles. Also very practical for pulling motor, generator and magneto bearings.
Pilot Bearing PullerPilot Bearing Puller117125.4mm Reach, 22.2 to 54mm I.D. Spread.
Pilot Bearing PullerPilot Bearing Puller117244.5mm Reach, 12.7 to 50.8mm I.D. Spread.
Slide Hammer PullerSlide Hammer Puller1173Ideal for pulling jobs in very close quarters, as in removal of small-bore bushings, bearings, oil seals, etc. Internal pulling attachment has jaw spread of 12.7 to 35 mm. Handle end has a 1/2"– 20 thread.
Blind Hole Puller SetBlind Hole Puller Set981With slide hammer, forcing screw, bridge, actuator pins, collets, and storage box. Removal of bearings, bushings, sleeves and other friction-fitted parts from blind holes can now be accomplished with ease. Set provides selection of expanding collets 8 to 44.5 mm I.D. Collet is placed through bore of part to be removed, then expanded with actuator pin so that lips of collet secure a positive grip for pulling. Pulling force is exerted by means of a forcing screw and bridge assembly or with a slide hammer.
Slide Hammer Puller SetSlide Hammer Puller SetSS2This very handy set is ideal for those close-quarter, inside pulling jobs. Very practical for pulling motor, generator, and magneto bearings. Also good for removing small-bore bushings, bearings, and oil seals.
Slide Hammer Puller SetSlide Hammer Puller Set1178This useful set contains a reversible-jaw slide hammer puller with a 1.1 kg sliding hammer plus an assortment of special jaws (3 of each size) and adapters. In this set, you get all the versatility you demand of a slide hammer puller.
Slide HammerSlide Hammer221851.1 kg sliding hammer.
Slide HammerSlide Hammer343312.3 kg sliding hammer.
Puller HeadPuller Head11741174 Puller head, less slide hammer.
Universal Bearing Cup RemoverUniversal Bearing Cup Remover7136The 7136 is perfect for pulling internal bearing cups, seals, bushings, etc. Jaw spread – 23.8 to 82,6 mm, reach to 88,9 mm. Use with any slide hammer having 5/8"-18 thread (Power Team 1155, 1156 or 927 Push-Puller).
Order No.Description
24835Forcing Screw
24836Forcing Screw Nut
22185Hammer 1.1 kg.
208627Shank & Tee Bar Assembly
28250Actuator Pin (3.2 mm dia.)
28253Actuator Pin (5 mm dia.)
28256Actuator Pin (12.7 mm dia.)
28323GY8Metal Box
10419Metal Box
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