Power Team Universal Puller

Made in USA
Power Team enforcer hydraulic puller
Power Team lifetime warranty
55 & 100 Tons

55 ton and 100 ton hydraulic lifting units allow simple, precision positioning of the puller.

  • Power Team’s unique Life Time Marathon Warranty guarantees top quality and ultra reliability
  • These patented pushing systems were designed with the weight of nearly a century’s experience at the cutting edge of the hydraulics industry
  • Maximum capacity testing for performance and reliability
Order NoMin. Spread (mm)Reach Min. Spread (mm)Max. Spread (mm)Reach Max. Spread (mm)Overall Length* (mm)Cyl. Stroke (mm)Power Source Requirements
PH553C-E220101.655912193562286159230 V, 50/60 Hz, 15 Amp Cap.

Conversion kit No. 251468 - Kit converts PH553C series to PH5532CL series. Jaws are 305mm longer. Kit contains three jaws and six straps with guards. Weight 114kg.

  • Hydraulic lift system for easy, precise position of puller.
  • Unique dual pump arrangement: Low pressure pump positions, holds and opens jaws. The high pressure pump advances and retracts the pushing cylinder without releasing clamped jaws.
  • Hydraulically-actuated jaws. Cylinder moves in or out to provide a safe, secure grip on workpiece.
  • Puller can be assembled in 2 or 3 jaw configurations.
  • Choice of cylinder with a 159mm or 337mm stroke.
  • Self-centring: Centre cylinder on work; puller jaws will automatically grip work evenly.
  • Super Grip-O-Matic feature means the harder the pull, the tighter the puller jaws grip. No chains or cages required to keep puller jaws from slipping or springing off the part being pulled.
  • Guards at pinch points protect operator.
  • Cart's swivel casters give ease of mobility.
  • Large wheels make movement of cart easy.
  • Puller can be mounted on cart 90 degrees to right or left of puller cart centreline, permitting use in tight quarters, such as between machinery.
55 Ton Enforcer dimensions
Order NoA (mm)B (mm)Qty.*
100 Ton Enforcer dimensions
Order NoMin. Spread A (mm)Reach Min. Spread B (mm)Max. Spread C (mm)Reach Max. Spread D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)Cylinder Height H (mm)Vertical Stroke Adjust. (mm)Overall Length (mm)Max. Thickness Workpiece (mm)Wheel Dia. (mm)Power Source Requirements
PH1002-E2203811067121986425.457.1127260305-9142.388305260220 V, 50 Hz, 13 Amp Cap.

No. PH1002 - 100 ton, 2-jaw universal hydraulic puller. Includes: 2-jaw Grip-O-Matic puller, PE552S 2-speed electric/hydraulic power unit, C10010C 100 ton hydraulic cylinder with 260mm stroke and six adapters. Weight 404 kg.

No. PH1002J - Same as PH1002, but without hydraulic power unit. Wtight 375 kg.

PE552S - Pump only. 0.84 kW, 220 volt, 50Hz, single phase, draws 13 amps at full load. Also available in 115 volt, 50/60Hz.

  • Adjustable jaws mean they always pull on a flat surface. Retaining chain holds jaws in place during positioning.
  • Grip-O-Matic feature means jaws grip progressively tighter as more pulling force is applied.
  • 100 ton hydraulic cylinder is single-acting, spring return type with a maximum working pressure of 700 bar.
  • Lifting bracket allows puller to be lifted if the workpiece centre is more than 914mm off the floor.
  • Adjusting screw allows operator to move vertical position of the puller.
  • Spring loaded feature means Enforcer 100 will align itself on uneven pulls.
  • Hydraulic pump is a 2-stage, high pressure unit controlled by remote hand switch with 7.6 m cord.
  • Tow bar provides puller with plenty of mobility.
  • Pushing adapters have a diameter of 105mm and 63.5mm.
100 Ton Enforcer ram extensions
Order NoAdapter TypeQty included w/pullerJ (mm)K (mm)L (mm)M (mm)N (mm)
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