Power Team Pulling Hydraulic Cylinders

Made in USA
Power Team RP Series pulling hydraulic cylinder
Power Team lifetime warranty
Single Acting, Spring-Return

RP Series pulling cylinders are ideal for pulling and tensioning jobs. Available with either a 2 ton or a 5 ton capacity, the heavy-duty compression spring ensures a lengthy cycle life and rapid extension of the piston. The spring automatically extends the piston rod when the pump pressure is released.

  • Industrial spec compression spring produces rapid extension of piston rod and also a long cycle life
  • When pump pressure is released, spring automatically extends piston rod
  • RP55 is used with clevis 421056; when base mounting use threaded connector 351075
  • RP25 is used with clevis 421057; when base mounting use threaded connector 351106
Capacity (tons)Stroke (mm)Order No.Oil Capacity (cm3)Retracted Height (mm)Cylinder Effective Area (cm2) PullWeight (kg)
Power Team RP Series hydraulic cylinder
Order No.Retracted Height (mm)Extended Height (mm)Outside Dia.(mm)Collar Thread (in.)Collar Thread Length mm)Cylinder Top to Port (mm)Piston Rod Dia. (mm)Piston Rod Protrusion (mm)Piston Rod Thread (NPTF)Base Thread (NPTF)Bore Dia. (mm)
RP25242.9379.944.51 1/2-1625.442.919.125.43/4-143/4-1428.6
RP55301.6441.357.22 1/4-1425.442.930.234.91 1/4-11 1/21 1/4-11 1/242.9
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