Power Team Battery Powered Hydraulic Pumps

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Power Team pr Series hydraulic pumps
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Up to 25 Ton Quarter Horse® - Two Speed

Electric and battery-powered hydraulic PE10 Series pumps offer a high performance portable power source for hydraulic cylinders and tools up to 25 tons in a compact package. Pumps deliver 15 minutes of continuous operation at 700 bar on a single operation.

  • Pump can operate in any position
  • 15 min operation at 700 bar per battery
  • Easy start under load owing to permanent magnet motor –even when voltage is reduced
  • Easy portability: rechargeable battery pack with shoulder strap is optional
  • Connect to any 12 volt battery via a 2.4 m power cord and alligator clips
  • High-impact & flame retardant construction
  • All AC-powered PE10 pumps have 24 volt hand and foot switches available as optional extras
  • Base mounting holes for fixed installations
For use with Cyl. TypeDescriptionOrder No.Valve TypeValve No.Valve FunctionMotor


* "Advance" position holds pressure with motor shut off. "Return" position advances cylinder with motor running and returns cylinder with motor shut off.

** Cylinder advances with motor running and automatically returns with motor shut off.

† Comes with an 2.4 m alligator clip cord for 12 volt DC use.

1 litre usable reservoir capacity.

Base model pump with 0,19 KW motor. Bladder type reservoir, 110 volt power required.PE1022-Way/ Auto. Dump9561Advance Return (Auto.)*0,19 KW, 110/115V 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
PE102, except has automatic dump valve.PE102AAuto. Dump9562Advance Return**0.19 KW, 110/115V 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
PE102, except requires 220 volt.PE102-2202-Way/ Auto. Dump9561Advance Return (Auto.)*0.19 KW, 110/115V 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
PE102A, except requires 220 volt.PE102A-220Auto. Dump9562Advance Return0,19 KW, 220/230V 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
PE102, except requires 12 volt DC.PR1022-Way/ Auto. Dump9561Advance Return (Auto.)*0.19 KW, 12V†
PE102A, except requires 12 volt DC.PR102AAuto. Dump9562Advance Return**0.19 KW, 12V†
Single & Double
Base model pump has 4-way valve for operating double-acting systems. 110 volt power required.PE1044-Way9563Advance Hold Return0,19 KW, 110/115V 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
PE104, except requires 220 volt.PE104-2204-Way9563Advance Hold Return0.19 KW, 220/230V 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
PE104, except requires 12 volt DC.PR1044-Way9563Advance Hold Return0.19 KW, 12V†
Order No.DescriptionWeight (kg)
BP212VQOptional 12 volt battery pack. Includes sealed lead acid battery, 115V charger, 1.3 m cord, carrying case and shoulder strap.8
RB12VBattery only.4
BP12INTBattery with cord and carrying case.5
RC12VReplacement 1.2 m battery cord only.0.2
BC212EURBattery charger for Europe.3
25017Remote hand control with 3 m cord.0.4
9560Pressure regulator. Adjustable from 70 to 700 bar. All mounting hardware included.1.4
251660Foot switch with 3 m cord. Single pole, double throw, 15 amp @ 125-250 VAC.0.45
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