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Power Team wrenches and pry bars
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Ratcheting chain wrenches, adjustable hook spanner wrenches, heavy-duty adjustable spanners, adjustable gland nut wrenches, pry bars, jimmy bars and “Major Persuader” (big jimmy bars; forged from chrome alloy steel) are all popular products within the Power Team range.

  • Hook spanner wrenches encompass a range of capacities capable of servicing industrial tractors and other heavy-duty equipment
  • Chain wrenches are ideal for any packing gland nuts or adjusting turret nuts
Order CodeDescription
7401 ratcheting chain wrench7400Special head design allows you to turn wrench in either direction. Ratcheting action makes it possible to re-grip without removal. For parts of most any size and shape. Chain wrench, cap. 12.7 to 121 mm O.D. (Capacity= 450 Nm)
7401Chain wrench, cap. 76 to 171 mm O.D. (Capacity 900 Nm )
209199Replacement chain with pin for No. 7400 chain wrench (406 mm long).
209200Replacement chain with pin for No. 7401 chain wrench (610 mm long).
885 adjustable hook spanner wrench885Adjustable hook spanner wrench. Needed wherever turret adjusting nuts or packing gland nuts are used. Cap.: 38 to 102 mm. Handle overall length: 483 mm.
7308 adjustable hook spanner wrench7307Replace many fixed-size wrenches. Cover range of capacities needed to service industrial tractors and other equipment. Drop-forged jaws adjust to eleven positions for a capacity of 121 to 324 mm O.D. Handle overall length: 610 mm; diameter: 25.4 mm. Spanner wrench with one 9.5 mm thick jaw.
7308Spanner wrench with two interchangeable jaws: one 9.5 mm thick, one 19 mm thick.
7309Heavy duty adjustable hook spanner wrench. Has one 19 mm thick, eleven-position hook-jaw for a capacity of 131 to 324 mm O.D. Drop-forged. Handle length: 654 mm; handle dia.: 33.3 mm
1266 adjustable gland nut wrench1266Adjustable gland nut wrench. Designed to handle 51 to 152 mm dia. hydraulic cylinder gland nuts on many construction vehicles. Fits 6.4 and 7.9 mm dia. pin holes; features a 3/4" sq. drive.
204928Replacement pin for No. 1266
885 adjustable hook spanner wrench7162Our rolling head pry bars are an extremely popular and useful tool. Head may be used for almost any prying job since a great deal of leverage can be obtained. Long tapered body may be used as a lining-up drift. 9.5 mm round, 152 mm long.
7163Pry bar; 11.1 mm round, 305 mm long.
7164Pry bar; 14.3 mm round, 406 mm long.
7165Pry bar; 19 mm round, 457 mm long.
7166 jimmy bar7166Jimmy bar ideal for general lifting or prying. Heat treated chrome alloy steel to resist bending or breaking. 15.9 mm round, 457 mm long.
7167Jimmy bar; 19 mm round, 610mm long.
7168Jimmy bar; 22.2 mm round, 762 mm long.
7420 jimmy bar7420Two big jimmy bars for big jobs. Forged from chrome alloy steel. 22.2 mm round, 1168 mm long.
7421Jimmy bar; 25.4 mm round, 1372 mm long.
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