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25 Ton Open Throat Hydraulic Press with Electric Pump-220V

Product Code: SPE2514-E220

£8,253.88 £6,878.23
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  • Lifetime Warranty
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Design permits use as both "H" frame and "C" frame press; cylinder can be mounted on frame extension to handle jobs which won't fit between uprights.

Available with remote control to enable the operator to view work from all sides with fingertip control of cylinder piston travel.

Off-center pressing loads of full capacity can be applied across entire width of frame.

Press bed highly adjustable with winch. Bed will not drop when handle is released.

There is up to 1067mm of daylight between the cylinder and beam and 178mm - 1092mm lateral head movement.

Part Number SPE2514-E220
Display Weight (Kg) 301
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Brand SPX
Pump Model PE172
Cylinder Model C256C
Cylinder Stroke 362
Pump Voltage 220V

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