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Milwaukee 48224044 Jobsite Straight Scissors

Product Code: 48224044

£18.98 £15.82 £19.98 Save £1.00
The Milwaukee 48224044 Jobsite Straight Scissors are ideal for touch cuts with their micro-serrated Iron Carbide cutting edges which ensures maximum durability. Precision cutting is achieved due to the bolt lock technology that prevents the blades from loosening. For extra precision the scissors also feature ruler markings on the front of the blades.The scissors are protected from drops and breakages with their all-metal handle loop design.

Full metal handle construction to protect from drops and handle breakage.
Laser edged ruler markings on the blade allows to measure and cut in one go.
Jobsite offset scissors with micro-serrated blades for maximum durability and better grip.
Jobsite offset scissors with 60°-offset head allows to keep hand above cutting material.

Blade Length: 95mm (3.75in)
Overall Length: 228mm (9in)
Ruler Markings on the blade

Supplied With
x1 Jobsite Straight Scissors
Buy Milwaukee 48224044 Jobsite Straight Scissors by Milwaukee for only £18.98
Part Number 48224044
Display Weight (Kg) 2.1
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand Milwaukee

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