ABAC 4152022648 SPINN 11E TM CE 270L Screw Air Compressor

Product Code: 4152022648

£5,620.80 £4,684.00

Your comfort matters. Therefore, ABAC created a small screw compressor with an extremely low noise level, comparable to your air conditioning system. Very compact and easy to install, ABAC SPINN compressors offer excellent savings on installation and piping costs. ABAC SPINN compressors are 30% more efficient than piston compressors and have a longer lifetime due to less vibration and fewer moving parts.

Features and benefits:

• Easy to use control panel - All the info you need to operate your compressor at a glance.

• Efficient cooling - A coaxial fan provides excellent cooling of all the internal components, better than water cooled systems. This leads into higher efficiency and better reliability in operation.

• Easy and cost effective maintenance - Long service intervals and external oil level check. Quick access to air & oil filters, air & oil separator, oil fill & drain.

• Reliability, efficiency and robustness - The most advanced technologies in rotor design and oil household. Optimized seal arrangements and bearings.

• Infologic basic Controller - Advance monitoring and simple day-today configuration and control for your compressor.

• Less noise and more energy saving - The automatic condensate drain discharges only water, no air. This silent process respects your working environment.

Dimensions: 1543mm (L) x 720mm (W) x 1337mm (H)

Part Number 4152022648
Display Weight (Kg) 265 Kg
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand ABAC
Lubrication Type Oil-Lubricated
Tank Size 270 Litres
Air Displacement (CFM) 50 CFM
Portable or Stationary Stationary
Sound Level 64 dB
Power 11 kW
Engine HP 15 HP
Power Source Electric
Voltage 400V 3-Phase
Air Outlet Euro Quick Release
Discharge Pressure 145 PSI / 10 bar
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