ABAC 4152055007 Screw Air Compressor - SPINN2 2 10 230/1/50K 200 E CE Receiver Mounted 200L 10.4CFM 10Bar 3HP

Product Code: 4152055007

£3,084.00 £2,570.00

The SPINN 2.2-7.5 range offers significantly improved performance against other brands in the marketplace. Renowned for it’s reliability the SPINN Oil Injected Screw platform is the perfect partner for professionals as well as manufacturing businesses who rely on higher usage or continuous running conditions. Further improved with the new options to now facilitate intermittent duty cycle applications. A plug-and-play approach goes hand in hand with easy to use functional control, offering smart support including challenging environments where ambient temperatures can reach up to 46 °C. The ABAC SPINN range provides excellent savings on installation and piping costs, along with a compact design and efficient in energy consumption.


• Sustained and continuous working: There is no need to worry about allowing for compressor ‘cooling down’ periods, the SPINN can be used continuously throughout the day and therefore improving productivity.

• A higher level of air quality: Not only is the air quality cleaner when using a SPINN compressor, but it also helps to protect your pneumatic tools. With an oil carry-over of less than 5 parts per million, typically six times less than a piston compressor, maintenance on downstream equipment is significantly reduced. or eliminated.

• Reduced power consumption: Thanks to advanced compression technology, the SPINN generates air more efficiently than other conventional piston compressors.

• A quieter workplace: The SPINN 2.2-7.5 produces only 61 to 68 dB(A). Piston compressors have an average sound level that is 20 dB(A) louder.


- Air Flow: 10.4 CFM / 0.29 m3/min

- Pressure: 10 Bar / 145 Psi

- Tank Size: 200L

- Receiver Mounted

- Motor power: 3 HP / 2.2 kW

- Dimensions: 1430 x 600 x 1260 (L x W x H)

- Weight: 165 Kg

- Controller: Electro / Pneumatic

- Noise level: 61 dB(A)

- Connect: G 3/4"


1 x ABAC Receiver Mounted Screw Air Compressor 200L SPINN2,2 10 230/1/50K 200 E CE

Part Number 4152055007
Display Weight (Kg) 165 Kg
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Brand ABAC
Lubrication Type Oil-Lubricated
Tank Size 200 Litres
Air Displacement (CFM) 10.4 CFM
Portable or Stationary Stationary
Sound Level 61 dB
Power 2.2 kW
Engine HP 3.0 HP
Power Source Electric
Voltage 400V 3-Phase
Air Outlet Euro Quick Release
Discharge Pressure 145 PSI / 10 bar
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