50 Litre Air Compressor & Tool Kit - 9.6 CFM, 2.5 HP

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50 Litre Air Compressor & Tool Kit - 9.6 CFM, 2.5 HP

Technical Dimensions

50 Litre Air Compressor & Tool Kit - 9.6 CFM, 2.5 HP

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Key Features

  • 50 litre air tank
  • 9.6 CFM air displacement
  • Fully automatic on/off control
  • Fitted with safety valve and pressure regulator with gauges for controlled air pressure
  • Wheel mounted for easy manourvering

Product Specifications

Part Number SC50H-K1
Product Weight 38kg
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Certified To CE & GS/TUV Rated
Tank Size 50 Litres
Air Displacement 9.6 CFM
Sound Level 97 dB
Motor Power 1.5 kW
Engine HP 2.5 HP
Engine RPM 2850 RPM
Power Source Electric
Voltage 230V
Air Outlet Euro Quick Release
The SGS 50 litre high flow air compressor is ideal for DIY and trade applications such as spray-painting, tyre inflation, nailing, stapling, sanding, drilling, cutting and grinding thanks to it's impressive 50L capacity, high flow 9.6 CFM air displacement and 8 bar maximum working pressure. Also included are 4 air tools, a hose and connecting adaptor - everything you need to start using your compressor straight away! It offers a fantastic combination of performance, safety and value for money. The kit contains quick release fittings for quick and simple interchange of the tools.

Please note this compressor is for semi-pro and not commercial use.

5 metre spiral air hose
Fitted with 1/4" BSP female couplings, this recoil style hose connects all the other items in the tool kit to your compressor.

Oil spray gun with suction cup
With a capacity of 0.9 litre and maximum working pressure of 3.5 bar, this spay gun is ideal for spraying things like paraffin, engine de-greaser, creosote and insecticide.

Paint spray gun
This professional style spray gun has a 0.6 litre gravity fed cup and a 4 bar maximum working pressure. Fitted with a 1.5mm nozzle, the gun is ideal for spraying almost any type of conventional paint. The airflow through the air cap draws paint into the nozzle assembly, where it is atomised and sprayed forward. The spray gun requires 4.5-8CFM and air pressure of 45psi.

Tyre inflator with pressure gauge
This inflator reads in bar & psi and has a maximum working pressure of 8 bar. It is suitable for inflating most tyres on motor vehicles, bicycles, etc. The gauge has a tough rubber moulding.

Air blow gun
With an 8 bar maximum working pressure, use this blow gun for displacing dust, wood shavings, swarf, metal filings, etc. Use a lower pressure when cleaning dust from electronic components.

- 50L Air Compressor
- Tyre inflator with pressure gauge which reads in bar & psi (8 bar max)
- Air Blow gun (8 bar max)
- 4 metre spiral air hose with 1/4" BSP female couplings
- 0.9 litre oil spray gun with suction cup (3.5 bar max)
- Paint spray gun with 0.6 litre gravity feed cup (4 bar max) and a 1.5mm nozzle
- 2 year warranty from SGS Engineering

The powerful 2.5 HP engine ensures a short wait for the tank to pressurise - keeping you working. Fitted with safety valve and pressure regulator with gauges for controlled air pressure. Twin air outlets for increased versatility allow two air-lines / tools to be connected at the same time. Fitted with euro quick release connectors.

SGS are a British company; our air compressors are hand built by our expert engineers to the highest standard of quality and are European CE marked and German GS certified for product safety. Parts, spares and consumables such as oil and air filters are available from SGS. The compressor is shipped with oil but may require additional oil before first use.

This compressor is fitted with a standard 13A UK plug.

Engine Size: 2.5 HP
Power Consumption: 1.5 kW
Voltage: 230 V @ 50 Hz
Rated Speed: 2850 rpm
Current: 7.5 A
Air Displacement: 9.6 CFM
Sound Level: 97dB
Discharge Pressure: 115 PSI / 8 bar
Restart Pressure: 70 PSI / 4.8 bar
Tank Capacity: 50 litres
Air Outlet: 1/4"

Dimensions: (L) 700 x (W) 390 x (H) 710 mm


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    Review by claude smith
    (Posted on 01/06/2018)
    SGS 50 Litre Air Compressor
    Excellent piece of equipment,I have sprayed underneath my camper van with Wax Oyl and sprayed my shed and garden gates with wood treatment,great pressure which I had to turn down,bought a 20 metre plastic hose separately,dont know how I managed without it,like I said excellent for your garden wood fence.
  • Price
    Review by Ollie Lanch
    (Posted on 02/06/2016)
    Amazing Kit!
    Delivery was very fast and Tracey from the customer service department was very helpful and quick to reply to a few shipping queries I had. Price is very competitive and being a UK company, SGS is definitely a top company to buy from rather than the Chinese buy then have problems alternatives. Although the compressor isn't quiet, it's not as loud as I expected and a conversation can still just about be had in my garage with the door closed. I use primarily for my mountain bike hobby and this compressor can seat a tubeless tyre from flat to full in about 4 seconds! Very impressed and will definitley be buying additional accessories from SGS
  • Price
    Review by Arthur Davies
    (Posted on 03/05/2016)
    good everything
    I would like to thank you for your excellent service, I ordered my compressor at about 3,45 and it was delivered about the same time the next day, I did have a couple of cracks in the cowling, after sending photos of the fault, a new cowling arrive the next day, thank you very much
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    Review by Azzam
    (Posted on 11/02/2016)
    Great piece of equipment I would highly recommend
    This is a great Air compressor its not as loud as people may think it is. The tank fills up and compresses fairly quickly and has enough pressure for a huge range of applications! I only have this compressor to work on my cars at home and its a perfect bit of kit for beginners as it is for Professionals working in garages.

    Its a lot heavier than I thought which is perfect! it shows that the compressor has been made from good quality parts, even the construction of the tank is immaculate!

    The extras that you get in this bundle are quite handy to have. The spray gun works very well on painting garage doors, alloy wheels, wooden garden fences, and a range off other things. The blow gun is perfect for cleaning up brake dust from a brake caliper or surrounding areas in a vehicle. The tyre inflater is perfect meaning you wont have to drive to the nearest garage. So the extra couple of pounds to buy this kit with a few extra goods is definitely worth it.

    This kit comes with all the quick release connectors so you don't need to buy any extra quick connector couplings. However if you do decide do get an impact wrench you will be better off buying an extra SAF4 Male connector will save you a lot of hassle!

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