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Air Ratchet Guns and Air Impact Wrenches for Sale

SGS Engineering’s air impact wrenches are built for powerful performance across a variety of heavy engineering applications. Essential for high-torque impact requirements in both assembly and disassembly processes, our air wrenches are built to the highest standard for the best possible results. The SGS range features air impact wrenches with max torque outputs spanning from 340Nm to 880Nm and high-performance rubber grip air ratchet wrenches, both available as standalone devices and alongside multi-piece air socket sets. Through the SGS brand, you are guaranteed expertly designed products at great value prices.
Max Torque
  1. 680 Nm (2)
  2. 340 Nm (3)
  3. 880 Nm (3)
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12 products from £59.99 to £78.99
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