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DeWalt Impact Wrenches

DeWalt Impact Wrenches

At SGS Engineering, we are proud to stock a wide range of DeWalt tools and equipment. The DeWalt impact wrench is a top-quality tool that features the latest BRUSHLESS XR technology. This revolutionary design allows for a longer battery life and therefore a longer-lasting product.

The DeWalt 18V impact wrench is also much more lightweight and compact than a standard impact wrench, making it easier to use. It is an extremely powerful, high-torque tool and will help you remove even the tightest of bolts. Delivering up to 950Nm of torque, this impact wrench can assist with the most demanding of applications.

You’re in control of the power thanks to three speed and toque settings, meaning you can use your DeWalt impact wrench for a range of jobs. And with a comfortable rubber XR grip, you can carry out your project safely and with maximum comfort. The bright white LED function allows easy and safe use in dark workplaces too.   

Whether you’re changing a car tyre, assembling heavy equipment or undertaking a construction project, the DeWalt 18V impact wrench is for you. 

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