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DeWalt Multi Tools

DeWalt Multi Tools

We sell a large range of DeWalt power tools for all types of tasks, but the versatile DeWalt multi-tool eliminates the need for carrying excessive equipment. It's a great addition to any toolkit and can be a perfect option for those who require various items on a budget.

The DeWalt cordless multi-tool can be used for many different jobs, including cutting skirting and fabrics, sanding, scraping, getting rid of grout and preparing surfaces. Plus, the flexibility of the DeWalt oscillating multi-tool means it’s ideal for use across different materials.

Featuring innovative technology, the DeWalt BRUSHLESS multi-tool delivers 57% more battery running time than a brushed multi-tool. With a lightweight, compact body, it’s a great option for use in the home as well as on-site. The DeWalt 18V multi-tool also features a variable speed trigger and a bright LED light for working in darker conditions.

Included with the DeWalt multi-tool (body only) is a sanding pad and sheets, as well as a fastcut wood blade and another for wood with nails. A universal adaptor allows you to use virtually any brand of accessory, meaning there’s no need to replace any products you already use.

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