SPX Flow - Power Team

SPX Flow - Power Team

The SPX FLOW brand Power Team specializes in advanced high-pressure hydraulic technology. Offering a diverse array of cutting-edge component parts, accessories, and tools, Power Team facilitates the development and maintenance of targeted force delivery solutions adaptable to various application criteria. These solutions encompass activities such as lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, clamping, spreading, and torquing.
Within the Power Team portfolio, there are hydraulic pumps with a broad range of flow stage configurations and reservoir capacities, compact yet robust jacks, cylinders (both single and double action), and a variety of valves (including load-lowering, shut-off, pressure-reducing, sequence, metering, etc.). Additionally, Power Team provides nut splitters, in-line drives, spreaders, bridge lifts, shop presses, mobile floor cranes, and torque wrenches.
Catering to the construction, automotive assembly, mining, shipbuilding, manufacturing, and industrial processing sectors, Power Team's comprehensive portfolio is designed to withstand demanding applications due to its rugged design and advanced protective coatings. This ensures continued functional reliability under diverse stresses. Aside from offering repair and maintenance services, Power Team also delivers on-site safety training to empower customers in promoting the well-being of their workforce, especially in potentially hazardous environments.

Precision Hydraulic Force

Some of the many markets for Power Team tools include construction, automotive production, mining, shipyards and manufacturing. Whether you’re looking for Power Team SPX tools or Power Team hydraulics, you’ll find it in our comprehensive range. Browse the full range of SPX hydraulics online today for the best SPX tools in the UK, all at a competitive price.

Strip down & Inspection Service

As an official Power Team Repair Centre, our engineers are on hand for the service and maintenance of your hydraulic tools as well as the modification and adaptation of new components, meaning we provide the best possible SPX tools the UK has to offer.

We offer a free strip down and inspection service, and only carry out repairs using original Power Team parts. SGS Engineering have the expertise to specify the right equipment, supplied at a competitive price. Our rapid parts and repair service greatly reduces expensive down time and is supported by our national, next day mail order service.

Lifetime Marathon™ Warranty

Power Team hydraulic tools and equipment come with a Lifetime Marathon™ Warranty, servicing operations from simple jacking to bridge lifting and mining equipment maintenance. The innovative and unique “Power Tech” surface treatment is a special coating which improves resistance against corrosion and abrasion. Protection against fatigue is provided, whilst surface yield and tensile strength is increased.

Power Team cylinders are particularly effective in explosive environments, as they combat sparking. Before Power Team cylinders leave the factory they are proof tested to 125% of capacity.

Power Team hydraulics, such as their hydraulic pumps are utilised world-wide for applications in industry, construction, rigging, quarrying, marine projects and quality assurance. Power Team pumps operate from 0-700 bar with various power sources such as air, electric, battery, petrol and hand operation. Single or two-speed pumps are available, depending on the buyer’s specification.