Teng Tools

Teng Tools is a brand known for its extensive range of high-quality tools, providing professionals with the opportunity to build an optimal assortment for their needs. The emphasis on strong materials and experienced tool makers reflects a commitment to consistent premium quality. The inclusion of a lifetime warranty further underscores the brand's confidence in the durability and reliability of their tools.

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Teng Tools 26in PRO Stack Foam Tool Kit 741 Pieces Black Limited Edition
    • A complete tool kit for most users
    • Heavy duty ball bearing drawers
    • 741 pcs in a Teng Tools LE drawer
    £3,588.00 £2,990.00 £4,312.80 Save £724.80
    Teng Tools 1/2in Flex Handle 600mm - 1pc
    • Teng Tools 1/2inch drive flex handle
    • 600mm long for leverage
    • Strong two component handle
    £51.98 £43.32 £64.44 Save £12.46
    Teng Tools Impact Nut Setter Set With Belt Clip 5 Pieces
    • Includes a magnet for holding the fastening
    • Suitable for use on ferrous fastenings
    • 1/4" hex drive 65mm long Sizes
    £32.64 £27.20 £39.17 Save £6.53
    Teng Tools Digital Multimeter
    • Comes with temperature probe
    • Ideal for automotive maintenance
    • Supplied with test leads
    £35.38 £29.48 £41.82 Save £6.44
    Teng Tools Insulated Screwdriver set interchangeable 10 pieces
    • Approved for live working up to 1000 volts
    • Designed and manufactured to IEC 60900
    • Interchangeable blades with a wide range of tips
    £37.13 £30.94 £50.12 Save £12.99
    Teng Tools Ball point Hex and Torx key set 28 pieces
    • Metric and AF hex key & TX keys
    • Includes a range of ball point keys
    • Organised in a tool tray module
    £49.96 £41.63 £69.84 Save £19.88
    Teng Tools 1/2in Extending Wheel Wrench 21mm x 22mm
    • 1/2" drive telescopic wheel wrench
    • Extends from to 21" / 55cm
    • Supplied double ended impact socket
    £21.68 £18.07 £23.50 Save £1.82
    Teng Tools Adjustable Wrench Set TT1 4 Pieces
    • 4 adjustable wrenches for added versatility
    • Designed and manufactured to ISO6787
    • Includes an wide jaw adjustable wrench
    £79.96 £66.63 £95.95 Save £15.99
    Teng Tools Plier Set Vinyl Grip Q TT1 4 Pieces
    • Vinyl grip for easier use in pockets
    • All the most used pliers in one set
    • High leverage function pliers
    £84.00 £70.00 £109.06 Save £25.06
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    Why choose SGS for Teng Tools?

    At SGS we stock an extensive array of Teng Tools products. We know from experience how transformative an organised toolkit can be, and the intelligent, high-quality offering by Teng Tools is something we’re proud to offer to our customers.

    From full tool kits to modular sets and individual tools, our Teng Tools range has everything you need to create your optimal loadout. Whatever the job and whatever tools you already have, the selection of tools on this page is ready to fill the gaps and bring your toolbox to full efficiency. Alongside handy tools like torque wrenches, ratchets, pliers, and pickup tools you'll find socket sets, plier sets, screwdriver sets, and a suite of accessories to make your job easier: kneeling pads, magnetic bits trays, work chairs, and much more.

    Quality is Everything - Proven to be better than Most

    Companies that prioritise quality choose our tools. Objective evaluations have demonstrated that TengTools not only surpass international quality standards but also outperform competitors, consistently securing the top two positions across all eight tested product categories.

    TengTools has its roots in a rich Swedish heritage of pioneering technology and design that puts users first. Continuously enhancing and refining tools to address both new and existing challenges. Comprehensive selection provides professionals with the opportunity to discover an ideal assortment based on quality, variety, and price. Robust materials and skilled craftsmen ensure a consistently superior quality. With Teng Tools lifetime warranty, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that our tools will never disappoint you.