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Ryobi ONE+ Bundle: Fusion Lawnmower, EasyEdge Grass Trimmer, 2 x 5.0Ah Lithium Batteries & Charger

Product Code: EGB1

£382.79 £318.99
Ryobi ONE+ Cordless bundle includes RLM18X41H250 18V Cordless Fusion Lawnmower, OLT1832 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer with EasyEdge, 5.0Ah Lithium Batteries & Charger.

RLM18X41H250 Fusion Lawnmower provides excellent cutting and mulching performance. The ergonomic Vertebrae handle is designed to specifically reduce fatigue for longer use. The robust 5-position adjustment lever provides a broad cutting range of between 20mm and 70mm so you get exactly the finish you're after. The drive-by-wire control system makes the whole experience incredible user friendly and comfortable. No need for stopping and starting with EasyEdge technology from Ryobi – mow right to the edge of your lawn with a clever comb that directs grass into the path of the 50cm cutting blade. Get a strong, tidy edge all the way round your garden. The quick release fold-away function and collapsible grass catcher, make for an easy to store mowing solution. The catcher is completely collapsible, making it easy to carry around and store flat. The compact design means the mower practically comes fully assembled and ready to use. Clip the handles in place, put the batteries on charge and you're away.

OLT1832 18V Cordless grass trimmer is the perfect addition to your garden equipment. It’s lightweight and compact design makes for easy trimming and manoeuvring around the whole garden. With its two-handle design for improved ergonomics, the OLT1832 boasts greater comfort for users and less fatigue whilst working for longer periods. You can customise your tool to suit your preferred working style. Use the built-in pivoting head for trimming under hedges or even tough spots under your decking. The rotating head ensures you get the best possible edge every time. EasyEdge™ gives quick transitions between edging and trimming mode.

this bundle is supplied with two 5.0Ah 18V ONE+ batteries and supercharger. This industry leading battery system will save you time, space and money as you add to the collection with the 35+ home and garden power tools in the range. These highly versatile batteries are constructed with tough casings and heavy duty clips to protect from physical damage. Ryobi IntelliCell automatically balances individual cells and gets the maximum life span out of your battery. The Ryobi electronic protection in every ONE+ battery regulates against overheating. Lithium-ion ONE+ batteries hold their power with virtually no self-discharge or memory effect. Gone are the days of dwindling power at the end of your old NiCad batteries charge – lithium power means a consistent, fade-free power output.

Part Number EGB1
Display Weight (Kg) 30
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Ryobi

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