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Festool 200118 SYS-Combi 3 SYS-Combi 3 Systainer 396 x 296 x 315

Product Code: 200118

£121.92 £101.60
SYSTAINER at the top, SORTAINER at the bottom. The SYSTAINER of the SYS Combi has plenty of space for the transport-safe storage of power tools and hand tools. The SORTAINER drawer below it, which can be divided up as required, is used to store accessories, consumables and small parts. Everything is to hand. SYS Combi can be connected to the entire SYSTAINER and SORTAINER system via T-LOC.

flexibly divisible drawer for accessories, consumables, small parts and sundries
combination of the SYSTAINER T-LOC size 3 and a spacious drawer
Part Number 200118
Display Weight (Kg) 3.525
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number 200118
Brand Festool
Gender Unisex

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