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Festool 500125 Fine Tooth Saw Blade 216x2 3x30 W60

Product Code: 500125

£81.59 £67.99

The Festool Panther Saw Blade 216mm saw blade is compatible with a multitude of Festool saws: circular saws, compound mitre saws and bench saws and has been specially designed to make faster and sharper cuts. Featuring 52 teeth along the diameter, you can be sure every cut will give you a smooth finish. Festool prides itself in designing top-quality long-lasting blades, suitable for a variety of applications, such as solid wood as well as coated or veneered panels  – without compromising on the performance of your saw.


Diameter: 216mm/n Cutting width: 2.3mm/n Hole diameter: 30mm/n No. of teeth: 60/n Chip angle: -5°/nTooth shape: W

Part Number 500125
Display Weight (Kg) 2.1
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Manufacturer Part Number 500125
Brand Festool
Gender Unisex

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