Professional Garage Equipment Bundle: Tool Chest, Jack, Engine Crane, Stand, Creeper & More

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Professional Garage Equipment Bundle: Tool Chest, Jack, Engine Crane, Stand, Creeper & More
Professional Garage Equipment Bundle: Tool Chest, Jack, Engine Crane, Stand, Creeper & More

Key Features

  • 2 Ton Low Profile Service Trolley Jack with Heavy Duty Axle Stands
  • 32" Professional Tool Box Chest, Roller Cabinet & Tool Cart
  • 2 Ton Professional Folding Engine Crane / Hoist, Stand & Load Leveler
  • Professional Mechanics Vehicle Creeper & Mechanics Seat
  • Four Medium Car / Caravan / Motorhome Wheel Chocks

Product Specifications

Part Number SGK3000
Product Weight 400.72kg
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
All the professional garage equipment you might need in one huge value bundle offering. Only the best SGS garage equipment including, 2 ton ultra low profile service trolley jack, 4 heavy duty axle stands, 36” tool chest, 36” roller cabinet, heavy duty tool cart, 1 ton engine crane, engine stand and load leveller, mechanics creeper, adjustable seat and 4 wheel chocks.

Ultra Low Profile 2 Ton Trolley Jack and Four Ratchet Axle Stands (24 ton)

- 2 ton capacity service jack with a lifting range of 90-500mm
- Low profile and long reach enough for almost any vehicle
- Ratchet style jack stands with a lifetime warranty

Designed for even the most demanding professional settings, the 2 ton ultra low service trolley jack has a maximum lifting capacity of 2 tons and a lifting range of 90-500mm. The low profile, durable design makes this jack the perfect replacement for an old service jack. With a long reach, and ultra low profile design, there are very few vehicles you won’t be able to handle with this service ready jack.

Packed with features including quick lift hydraulics, integrated foot pedal, removable saddle and rubber cover, and bolt through accesses for jacking attachments; this might be the only jack you ever need.

Rather than the standard pump found on most jacks, this trolley jack has a high quality integrated bottle jack for a longer service life. 105mm saddle diameter. 770mm base length. 500mm reach. 40kg.

Included in this bundle is four heavy duty ratchet axle stands rated at 6,000kg each. With a lifetime warranty, and a huge combined capacity of 24 tons, these stands are designed to last. The patented ratcheting mechanism allows for easy and safe adjustments, while the extra wide feet provide a sturdy base to work from. Never work under a vehicle supported by a hydraulic jack alone.

395mm to 605mm lifting range. 26.4kg.

36" Professional Tool Chest, Roller Cabinet and Heavy Duty Tool Cart / Parts Trolley

- 6 ultra smooth, roller-bearing drawers on the tools chest
- 7 ultra smooth, roller-bearing drawers on the roller cabinet
- 5 ultra smooth, drawers and 80kg shelf on the tools cart
- All storage is tough coated, heavy duty steel construction with 10 year warranty

The 36" professional 6 drawer tool box chest locks with a single tumbler for securing all your most precious equipment. Each drawer has a capacity of 20kg and comes with non-slip drawer liners. Heavy duty carry handles, super smooth ball-bearing slider and extra wide drawers

Chest Dimensions: 900mm wide x 550mm high x 405mm deep. Top drawers 40mm deep. Bottom drawers 65mm deep. Maximum drawer weight: 20kg. 46.8kg.

With the 36" Professional 7 Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet you’ll be able to store plenty of equipment conveniently and securely. The whole unit locks with a single tumbler and each drawer has an extra thick, rubber drawer liner to stop tools from sliding around. Set on four heavy duty casters with locking brakes, you’ll be able to move the unit around and secure it as required.

Dimensions: 915mm wide x 950mm high x 460mm deep. Top drawers 65mm deep. Bottom drawers 140mm deep. Maximum drawer weight: 30kg. 75.5kg.

An impressive addition to any workshop setting, the Professional Heavy Duty Tool Cart & Parts Trolley is mounted on four heavy duty casters and complete with a top tray secured by premium gas struts to keep it open.

Dimensions: 775mm wide x 1050mm high (885mm without wheels) x 425mm deep. The top compartment is 125mm deep. 62.5kg.

The tool chest, roller cabinet and tool cart are all made with a heavy duty steel frame, double wall steel panelling and super smooth ball bearing slider drawers. They’re all powder coated and come with reinforced bases, ensuring you’ll get a long service life from these storage solutions. Tools are not included with this bundle.

2 Ton Professional Engine Crane, 450kg Engine/Gearbox Stand & Load Leveller

- Everything you need to remove, work on and replace an engine
- 2 ton professional duty, engine crane, suitable for workshops & garages
- 25mm to 2450mm lifting range and foldable outrigger legs
- Stand with 360º swivel head for working on a huge array of engines & gearboxes
- Includes a 680kg Load Leveller for numerous working positions

The SGS 2 Ton Professional Folding Engine Crane / Hoist is packed full of high quality features you just can’t get anywhere else. A patented dual-piston pumping mechanism, heavy duty caster wheels, and folding outrigger legs make this incredibly impressive vehicle hoists suitable for even the toughest commercial environments. Unlike lower quality imitations, this crane has a full sized frame, leg anchors and manoeuvring handles, so you’ll only be equipping your workplace with the best.

The crane features an integrated high quality hydraulic ram delivering a maximum of 8 tons pushing force. 4 job positions. Full parts and servicing available from SGS. 850mm x 550mm x 1620mm. 111.5kg.

This professional kit includes the Engine/Gearbox Stand - 450kg so when you have removed a vehicles componant parts, you’ll have a convenient and sturdy base to work on it from. With swivelling head and fully adjustable mounting arms, this stand is incredibly versatile.

The chassis is a perfect fit with our engine cranes, allowing the stand to be moved inside the V of the engine crane legs to transfer the engine from the crane onto the stand. The internal diameter of the yoke is 60mm. 21kg.

The included 680kg load leveller will enable you to get the very most out of your engine crane. Remove and replace engines at difficult angles, with this fully adjustable leveller. Comes with two chains and mounting brackets.

Chain only length: 230mm
L Bracket length: (tip to base) 105mm
Chain pin (set in shackle) centre to base of L bracket: 360mm. The distance between the chainsets is adjustable: Setting 1: 255mm Setting 2: 285mm Setting 3: 315mm. The overall width from winding mechanism bolt to securing bolt is 440mm. The leveller colour may vary from the black shown in the picture. 5.5kg.

Professional Mechanics Car Creeper & Workshop Seat

- Foam padded creeper base & seat cover
- Vehicle creeper designed for maximum under vehicle clearance
- Be safe, clean and comfortable when working on your vehicle

The included mechanics adjustable height workshop seat makes working on vehicles easier and more comfortable. Perfect for a professional garage or workshop, this comfortable seat will help reduce strain and fatigue. This model has 4 swivel casters for enhanced manoeuvrability and a handy storage tray for quick access to your most used tools.

Height adjustable from 400mm to 520mm. Dimensions 380mm (L) x 380mm (W) x 440mm (H). 4.2kg.

Working under a vehicle can be cumbersome and uncomfortable, but with an SGS professional vehicle creeper you can work on the underside of a vehicle without a vehicle ramps. Speed up your workshop work with a mechanics creeper.

920mm long x 425mm wide x 95mm high. 6kg.

Four Rubber Wheel Chocks

- Ideal for medium cars, caravans, motorhomes and trailers
- Virtually indestructible, professional grade wheel chocks

Included in this kit is four rubber wheel chocks, suitable for professional or home use. Perfect for when a vehicle is parked on a gradient or general maintenance tasks.

88mm wide x 130mm long x 62mm tall. 1.32kg.

What you get with this kit:
- TJ2PRO 2 Ton Ultra Low Profile Professional Service Trolley Jack
- 2 x JSR6 12 Ton Heavy Duty Ratchet Axle Stands
- STC3600T 36" Professional 6 Drawer Tool Box Chest
- STC3600B 36" Professional 7 Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet
- STCC550 Professional Heavy Duty Tool Cart & Parts Trolley
- EC2000 2 Ton Professional Folding Engine Crane / Hoist / Lift
- ES1000 Engine/Gearbox Stand - 450kg
- SLL680 680kg Load Leveller
- PS1000 Professional Adjustable Height Mechanics Seat
- C1000 Flat Professional Mechanics Car Creeper
- 2 x WCR02 Medium Car / Caravan / Motorhome Wheel Chocks

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