Ryobi ONE+ RLT1830H13 18V Cordless Hybrid Grass Trimmer with 1 x 1.3ah Lithium Battery, Quick Charger & AC Cable

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Ryobi ONE+  RLT1830H13 18V Cordless Hybrid Grass Trimmer with 1 x 1.3ah Lithium Battery, Quick Charger & AC Cable

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Key Features

  • Hybrid dual power; switch between 18V battery and a mains power-cord seamlessly
  • Strong 1.6mm cutting line with an adjustable cutting width from 250-300mm
  • Ergonomic "Vertabrae" design for improved comfort during use
  • EasyEdge allows for quickly jumping between trimming and edging modes
  • Convenient advanced auto feed line

Product Specifications

Part Number RLT1830H13
Product Weight 6kg
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Brand Ryobi
Certified To CE Rated
The Ryobi ONE+ 18V grass strimmer / trimmer seamlessly combines a battery powered garden tool with a corded fall-back solution to make for an incredibly useful domestic product. Experience the freedom of a cordless battery tool, while keeping the cord in reserve for those longer jobs or larger gardens.  The bundle includes the versatile ONE+ 1.3Ah lithium-ion battery and super-charger, so you're ready to get started with cordless garden tools straight out of the box.

Outstanding Cutting Performance
The RLT1830H13 has a single auto-feed line of 1.6mm in diametre, with a fully adjustable cutting width of 250 – 300mm for various applications and finishes - cut through thick grass with ease. With the EasyEdge feature, simply unlock and twist the shaft and the strimmer will shift in to edging mode. Now you can get that perfect neat finish around the edges of your garden with Ryobi. When you're done, twist the shaft back and you're instantly in standard trimmer mode again.   

AC / DC Power
This trimmer will run off any 18V ONE+ battery in the range; simply slide out the housing in the battery compartment, push in your charged cell and you're ready for wireless strimming. Take the trimmer to the places you just couldn't reach if you were stuck to a power cord and limited by electrical sockets. You find battery power garden tools incredibly freeing and you'll instantly notice the extra manoeuvrability. You'll get a generous 25 minutes run-time out of the supplied 1.3Ah battery, but if this isn't enough, simply pop in the power cord and get back to trimming! With the Ryobi supercharger you won't be waiting for long with the lightening quick 45-minute charge time.

The Power of Lithium
Constructed with tough casings and heavy duty clips, these highly versatile batteries are tough enough to be protected from physical damage. The IntelliCell feature automatically balances individual cells, ensuring you get the maximum life possible from your battery.
Gone are the days of dwindling power at the end of your old NiCad batteries charge – lithium power means a consistent, fade-free power output. ONE+ Lithium batteries hold their power with virtually no self-discharge or memory effect.

ONE+ Garden Tools
This SGS starter bundle is a great way to start a collection of ONE+ garden and household tools. The supplied 1.3Ah battery and supercharger is fully compatible with over 35 tools in the range. You can add "body-only" units to your collection swap around the battery - this way you'll save space, time and money by using the ONE Plus interchangeable batteries. So whether you want to add a hedge trimmer, lawnmower or ever a drill to your collection, you've already got the battery you need!

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