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316 Grade Stainless Steel Gas Struts

From The UK’s Leading Manufacturer of 1 to 1,000,000 gas struts. Stainless gas struts are ideal for sterile or corrosive environments such as medical or marine applications. Match your existing gas strut and have it delivered next day. 2 years warranty on all of our replacement gas struts. If you would like assistance selecting the correct gas strut then please contact our team.
  1. Adjustable Force (20)
Rod Diameter
  1. 6mm (2)
  2. 8mm (6)
  3. 10mm (5)
  4. 14mm (7)
  1. 60mm (1)
  2. 100mm (3)
  3. 150mm (3)
  4. 200mm (4)
  5. 250mm (4)
  6. 300mm (3)
  7. 400mm (1)
  8. 500mm (1)
  1. 50-400N (2)
  2. 50-700N (6)
  3. 100-1200N (5)
  4. 150-2500N (7)
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