Adjustable / Variable Force Stainless Steel Gas Struts

Perfect for when the force is unknown, one-off jobs & prototypes. 316 grade adjustable force stainless steel struts come pre-set to the maximum force the gas strut is rated to. The release valve at the end of the strut allows gas to be vented out of the strut, lowering it's force. This allows fine tuning while the strut is still mounted to achieve the perfect operation. If you are unsure which rod you need please contact our team.

Choose from fixed or adjustable force stainless steel gas struts

Stainless gas struts are ideal for sterile or corrosive environments such as medical or marine applications. Don’t know the force needed in your gas strut? Click our adjustable force stainless steel gas strut range below or contact our sales team by email or call 01332 576 850 for help choosing the correct strut.

Stainless steel gas struts

Stainless Gas Strut Advantages:

  • Two year guarantee
  • Maintenance-free
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Fully self-contained
  • Low-noise
  • No Electro-Magnetic Fields
  • No fire hazard
Stainless steel boat hatch gas struts

Stainless Steel Marine Gas Struts

Increase the lifespan of your marine application gas struts by using our fully 316 grade stainless steel gas struts that will prevent rusting and corrosion. Our stainless struts are covered by a 2 year warranty to the general public and a 3 year warranty to OEMs.

Perfect for boats, yachts, speedboats, engine covers, radar masts, boom kickers, hatches, panels etc

Stainless steel food industry gas struts

Food Industry Stainless Steel Gas Struts

Our 316 stainless steel gas struts are manufactured to the highest standards and come with a 2 year guarantee. They are ideal for the food industry as they can be washed down without risk of corrosion and are maintenance free.

Speak to our technical advisors on 01332 576 850 for more information or contact us online.

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Help Centre

For more information about gas springs and struts, visit our help centre. Here you can find out how to fit and install gas struts for a variety of applications, how to adjust their force and further help. Contact our sales team if you have any more questions about our gas strut sales, need help finding the best gas spring for your situation or anything more at SGS Engineering.

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