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SGS 45cc Petrol Chainsaw With Easy Start, 2 Stroke Oil & Chain Oil bundle

Product Code: GPC450O

£88.91 £74.09 £93.59 Save £4.68
SGS has a fantastic ‘bundle’ offering on chainsaws at a great value price. With the 45cc 18" Petrol Chain Saw with 2 Stroke Oil & Chain Oil deal, you not only receive a powerful and durable chainsaw, you have everything you need to get set up and working efficiently.

Introducing our NEW powerful Chainsaw powered by 45cc 2-stroke petrol engine - delivers power for light and medium cutting duties. It would make an excellent choice for homeowners, general landowners and property managers. It can be used for cross cutting (bucking a log into smaller lengths), limbing, felling, storm clean up and cutting firewood.

Engine has electronic ignition. Features include automatic and adjustable chain lubrication, a double acting chain brake, anti-vibration mountings and a primer pump. Super Clean air filter system ensures long filter life.

When it comes to usability, the excellent performance, two-handed grip, light weight and wrap-around handle allow you to work in a more controlled and accurate manner. Along with this, our 45cc 18” Petrol Chainsaw comes with many different safety features. This includes: anti-kickback, anti-vibration handle, automatic chain oiler, bar-tip guard, chain brake, chain catcher, front-hand guard, safety throttle, protective scabbard and trigger lock.

You can enjoy all of this when you order your chainsaw from SGS, and better still, this model can be yours for a great value price.

Fuel mix: 25 parts petrol to 1 part oil (25:1)

1 litre of Premium Grade 2-stroke Oil gives effective and reliable lubrication for chainsaw engine. Provide superb protection against the scourge of modern engines - the formation of black sludge, improved protection against piston deposits and improved anti-wear protection for valve train components.

Unique formula of Premium Grade Chain Oil providing superb lubrication to the bar and chain. Improved lubrication not only extends bar and chain life but also reduces drag leading to improved fuel economy. Special adhesive properties ensure excellent fling resistance and low maintenance. 1 litre.

This product comes with 2 year extended warranty.
Buy SGS 45cc Petrol Chainsaw With Easy Start, 2 Stroke Oil & Chain Oil bundle by SGS for only £88.91
Part Number GPC450O
Display Weight (Kg) 6
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Brand SGS
Tank Size 0.55 Litres
Engine Type 2-Stroke Engine
Engine Displacement 45cc

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