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The Milwaukee pliers offer a range of pliers to cater for different jobs. Pliers are available in torque lock curved jaw locking pliers and straight jaw locking pliers. Also, nipping pliers, cable cutting pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, heavy-duty linesman pliers and long nose pliers. The Milwaukee pliers feature over-molded comfort grips, which will not peel under job site conditions. The pliers are forged for strength and feature rust protection for long life. All off the Milwaukee wrenches are adjustable and come in a range of sizes from 8inch/200m to 10inch/250mm. The Milwaukee wrenches have ergonomic handles that been designed with maximum comfort in mind for the user therefore the handle wont dig into the palms of your hands. It is also chrome plated for rust protection and maximum tool life. Prices range from £10.45 to £23.25.
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