Now that Spring has sprung, and the days are getting longer, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your beloved garages an upgrade. We’ve put together this post to offer you some recommendations about which of our tools are essential for every home garage, handily arranged for different ability levels. As well as this, we look at how you can maximise the layout of your garage to make your jobs as safe as possible.

Essential Tools

Our breakdown is set into increasing levels of ability. This is not to say you cannot still invest in some of the more specialist tools and equipment.

The Basics

  • Tool Chests and Cabinets – Arguably one the most important part of any home garage is where you store your tools. By keeping them efficiently stored, you know exactly where they are, if and when needed. We recommend a smaller more portable Toolbox like the 21” Heavy Duty model for hand tools and general all-purpose work. At the same time you should also have a larger, more spacious cabinet like our 58” Professional 26 Drawer Tool Chest. This is perfect for storing spare tools and accessories, plus the generous size allows you to expand your collection easily.
  • Seating – Another important basic essential piece of gear is your seat. Comfort and manoeuvrability are a winning combination for any mechanic seat; our adjustable option in particular is perfect whether you’re working on a bench or vehicle.

Intermediate Abilities

  • Jacks and Axle Stands – For safe and reliable vehicle lifting, our selection of trolley and bottle jacks come in a range of capacities to suit whatever tonnage you plan on working with. Along with this, our durable and sturdy axle stands are a must for your home garage to ensure you are safe when working under vehicles.
  • Creepers – Should you be looking for an alternative means for inspecting vehicles, which can also give your home garage a professional edge, our car creepers are ideal. Our Contoured Professional Creeper is a particularly useful model, coming complete with a convenient LED light attachment.

Expert Jobs

  • Engine Cranes and Stands – If you are working on more technical work like car restoration, you need to invest in one of our superb engine cranes and engine stands. The expert design and precision engineering that goes into these means they can safely lift engines and gearboxes, and like our jacks, feature a choice of capacities. Naturally, these are best suited for larger home garages that can accommodate larger-scale tasks like this. So there you have it, be sure to invest in our superb range of SGS garage tools and make it your personal mission to get your home garage looking smart and shipshape.