The Best Tools for Gardening: Get a Head Start

New Year, New Garden? SGS Products that Can Help You Get the Job Done When January rolls around, contrary to popular belief, this is an ideal time to revitalise your garden. While some may argue you should leave your garden during the winter months, the reality is that during the slow growth season you have the perfect chance to prune, crop and tidy. It goes without saying that to get the best results you need the best tools, and that’s why we only supply a top-quality range of garden tools here at SGS. To point you in the right direction, we’ve put together some useful advice for you about which of our tools are the best choice for certain gardening jobs. Tidying and Cleaning The autumn seasonal change can leave a bit of a mess in your garden. There’s the accumulation of leaves and dead twigs that can litter your lawn and borders, and the natural decay of these can result in a mulch-residue on your patio, decking areas and garden furniture. A great way to tidy up your garden from this natural mess is our Hyundai HYBV26 26cc leaf blower / shredder / vacuum. With this powerful and versatile tool you have the option to blow the leaves and bits into neat piles to pick up, or you can collect them up with the vacuum application. When compared to manually doing this with a rake, it will take you no time at all; remember this is most effective when the leaves are drier. Alternatively, any of our lawnmowers can also be used as a quick means of collecting the leaves from your grass. Hyundai HYBV26 overview: For cleaning your patio, decking and garden furniture from mould and mess, our 210cc, 7hp, 3100psi AR Triplex Pump Hyundai petrol pressure washer has the high pressure and lasting performance you need. The 3100psi is more than enough to ensure the troublesome marks and stains left by Mother Nature can be easily blasted off, leaving a fresh and renewed look. Edging and Neatening Up While your grass may not grow as well in the cold, unfortunately resilient weeds still will; these can look very unsightly and be a source of frustration for any gardener. Rather than having to get on your hands and knees to get rid of weeds, or manually trim borders and edges, one of our petrol strimmers is the best alternative. The 26cc and 52cc models we have are lightweight and easy to use, as well as giving you durable performance from their reliable petrol engines. They offer you a choice of cutting mechanisms to efficiently tackle a variety of vegetation from branches to small shrubs. [gallery link="none" columns="4" ids="2026,2027,2025,2029"] Tree Felling When the trees in your garden are bare during the winter, it is the perfect time to prune them or chop them down. Our comprehensive selection of chainsaws means you can find something to easily manage whatever job you have. Our smaller 26cc 10” top handle petrol chainsaws are brilliant for cutting small branches or for cutting already felled logs into smaller pieces. Whereas our larger 62cc 20” petrol chainsaws are engineered to deal with the felling of trees, thanks to their longer chain, bigger engine and dynamic grip. See our How To Set Up and Start A Chainsaw video. All of our chainsaws are designed to limit kickback and vibration to make your applications as safe and productive as possible. With any model though the utmost care is needed when using them, so if you have any questions about which one will best suit you or how to use it, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask. General Gardening If your needs are more general when it comes to your garden and you need a tool that can be used for many different jobs, our 52cc 5 in 1 cutting tool set is just what you are looking for. This easy to use multi tool can be used for strimming, cutting and trimming purposes and has the reach to access higher and wider areas. Plus, with its 52cc engine, you can rest assured you can get the power you need to get your garden looking immaculate in next to no time. It features;

  1. A double line strimmer, which cuts from both side of the strimmer disc head. Perfect for grass and light boarders.
  2. A brush cutter, which is a little bit hardier than the double line strimmer, because it enables you to cut anything slightly thicker than grass in your garden. Deal with bushes, or small exposed roots with ease.
  3. A hedge trimmer tool, which enables you to trim hedges and bushes to a uniform length.
  4. A small chainsaw, for the heavier parts of your garden project. This attachment will give you the availability of chainsawing branches and dense hedges/bushes.
  5. A long reach pole for use with all of these attachments, for those hard to reach places and for extra safety.