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Britain’s Best Home Bar Competition Winner

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who entered our Britain’s Best Home Bar Competition. There were many brilliant creations, but our judges decided that the best – bar none – was from Sean Rutherford of Keighley, West Yorkshire. So, let’s raise our glasses in congratulations and have a good look at how Sean raised the bar.

To find out more about this wonder-bar, we asked Sean a few questions.

Why did you decide to build a bar?

I bought my house about six years ago, and it had a really spacious attic that I knew I wanted to put a pool table in and use for when friends came round for a few drinks. I was then gifted a few bar optics, which I put up on the wall and put some spirits in. Then, I decided to go the extra step and make it a proper bar. As I'd just bought my first home I couldn't really afford to go out all the time, so it was nice to have a reason to get people to come to me!

How did you make it?

I'm lucky in that my dad knows quite a lot about carpentry. The bar itself was all made from various bits of wood and spare materials – we designed the shape around the corner of the room and built it up from scratch.

What materials did you use?

The interior structure and shelving is all reclaimed timber (as I didn't have much money at the time). The top of the bar is made from an old wooden table that was left in my house when I bought it. The stained-glass window was also left in my house when I moved in – otherwise I would never have thought to put that in there.

How long did it take to make?

Once we got going, the bar itself came up very quickly – maybe three weeks or so, with me doing bits and bobs after work and at weekends. The extra stuff (such as the top bar, stained-glass window and the extra lighting) were added here and there in the months following.

How often do you use your home bar?

Often! Whenever I have guests round we sit in the bar instead of the living room. I have also put a projector above the bar that projects onto the wall – so it doubles as a home cinema with drinks on hand if I ever just fancy watching a film.

Thanks Sean, and we hope you make full use of your prize.

If you want to make your own home bar, we’ve created a handy guide to the Ultimate Shed Bar. We’re always building interesting things and keeping an eye on what’s going in the engineering world. We’re also likely to hold other competitions to find the best in home improvement and beyond.