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  • Home improvements that will increase your property value

    If you’re thinking of selling your home soon, you may be thinking of ways that you can maximise your property’s value and ‘wow’ potential buyers. But what are house hunters really looking for in a home, and what features are they willing to Read more
  • Our guide of low-cost DIY jobs to spruce up your house

    SGS Engineering looks into the jobs costing £10 or less that could make a noticeable improvement to your home As tools experts, we understand how important it is for avid DIY-ers to keep their house looking in tip-top condition. That said Read more
  • How To Adjust The Force On My Gas Strut?

    PLEASE READ BEFORE ADJUSTING OR MOUNTING THE GAS STRUTS. The internal pressure of a gas strut is very high and should be treated with caution.Screw the decompression key onto the cylinder side until gas can be heard escaping.Loosen the key to sto Read more
  • TikTok DIY Hacks - Tried, Tested and Rated

    With TikTok DIY hacks becoming more popular, we decided to put the most-watched home improvement tricks to the test. TikTok DIY hacks have been sweeping across the social media site in 2021, with the #DIY hashtag racking up 96.3 BILLION views as Read more
  • GPS520 Assembly Instructions

    Before starting assembly: Please do not remove the trimmer blade sheath before attaching it to the trimmer head. The sharp blade tips present a high risk of injury. This is a sizeable piece of kit, so the assembly process should ideally be carri Read more
  • Buying guide: Must have Tools for DIY

    Are you a beginner in the world of DIY and looking for essential tools for your household projects? Or perhaps you have a few basic DIY tools, but often find you don’t have the right kit for the task at hand? Whatever your situation, make sure Read more
  • Angle grinders: The Ultimate Guide

    Angle grinders, also known as side grinders or disc cutters, are handheld power tools used for grinding, cutting, cleaning and polishing materials. With the huge variety of jobs that can be tackled with this piece of equipment, it is an essentia Read more
  • Strimmers Ultimate Buyers Guide

    Struggling to understand which strimmer you require for the task in hand? SGS Engineering have put together this guide to help you choose which strimmer to buy. Why choose a Strimmer? When it comes to the essential gardening tools you need Read more
  • How to Clean a Carburettor

    Cleaning a carburettor isn't hard but there's more to it than simply spraying solvent in the carburettor throat. The carburettor is responsible for supplying the engine with fuel and air in a very specific ratio to do this the carb relies on var Read more
  • How To Replace The Pawls On An SST520 Strimmer

    Remove the top shaft and any attachments from the strimmer, then remove the four bolts indicated. Next remove the cover from the top and front of the clutch. With the casing removed, remove the pull cord assembly to reveal the pulley pl Read more

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