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  • How to Start Your SGS Chainsaw

    Here at SGS we want to make garden power tools as accessible and easy to use as possible. If you’ve not worked with a 2-stoke petrol tool before, you're probably unfamiliar with the starting mechanism. When starting your tool for the firs Read more
  • Buying Chainsaws: How to Choose the Best Chainsaw for the Job

    If you’ve decided that a chainsaw is the tool that you need for your next job, you might have had a look at the information and products available online. You’ve probably very quickly realised that there is a whole host of different types of Read more
  • How to Go About Limbing a Tree with a Chainsaw

    Limbing is an essential process of felling a tree. There are right and wrong ways of doing this and SGS Engineering will help you with the best practices. When working in your garden you might be tempted to focus on smaller jobs and ignore th Read more
  • How to Use a Chainsaw to Cut Down a Tree

    Learn the best way to cut down a tree with SGS Engineering, including how to do it safely and the best tools to use. In most instances tree felling is best left to the professionals. However, when dealing with a small tree, or if you need a large Read more
  • Chainsaw Service and Care Advice

    An SGS chainsaw is designed to give you years of consistent performance, however if you want to get the longest possible lifespan out of your chainsaw, you should keep on top of the maintenance. To get the most out of your your garden tool, you Read more
  • How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Safely & Correctly

    Learning how to sharpen a chainsaw is incredibly important for the general up keep of your saw. Cutting with a dull chainsaw saw leads to high fuel consumption and greater strain on your equipment. Avoid damaging your chainsaw and get the most out of Read more
  • How To Fit the Chain Brake on Your SGS Chainsaw

    Fitting the chain brake casing to your SGS chainsaw can be a little bit fiddly. This quick how-to should help if you're having any problems assembling your chainsaw.  Scroll through the picture how-to above and follow the instructions. We also have Read more
  • How to Change the Chain on Your SGS Chainsaw

    Anyone who owns a chainsaw will tell you just how incredible they are. With effortless power they make light work of felling trees, trimming branches and then cutting them up for disposal. Naturally, by hand such tasks will take a great deal of time Read more
  • How To Set Up and Fuel Your Chainsaw

    A chainsaw can be a powerful and versatile addition to your garden tool collection. Here at SGS we’ve designed three incredibly user friendly domestic chainsaws, perfect for keeping the garden in check. We’ve put together this comprehen Read more

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