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Gas Struts

  • How To Adjust The Force On My Gas Strut?

    PLEASE READ BEFORE ADJUSTING OR MOUNTING THE GAS STRUTS. The internal pressure of a gas strut is very high and should be treated with caution.Screw the decompression key onto the cylinder side until gas can be heard escaping.Loosen the key to sto Read more
  • Ordering The Correct Gas Strut for Your Camper/Recreational Vehicle

    If you're the owner of a camper van then you will know just how much you rely on the gas struts for lifting, lowering and adjusting of the various tailgates, van roofs and bonnets found on every camper van. It can be incredibly frustrating and e Read more
  • How To Fit Gas Struts To Just About... Anything!

    Gas struts are not just found on vehicles, they are also being increasingly used in many, many applications. They are being found fitted to agricultural machinery doors, boat openings, beds with under storage, caravan storage compartments- if it ope Read more
  • How To Fit and Remove Tailgate Gas Struts

    Click here to download the gas strut fitting guide PDF (382 KB) Gas struts are absolutely fundamental to the workings of your car. Whether you’re an expert car enthusiast looking to make improvements to your vehicle, or you’re simply needing Read more
  • How To Install a Gas Strut

    You might not be aware, but gas struts are everywhere, and this means that they’re in your car, your caravan and in your home windows. So, if one breaks, you might need to know how to repair one or potentially replace it.  Of course, if you’re n Read more
  • How Do I Adjust the Force on my Gas Strut?

    Please read before adjusting or mounting the gas struts. Gas struts are filled with high pressure Nitrogen and under no circumstances should they be opened or subject to excessive heat. The internal pressure of a gas strut is very high and should be Read more
  • Gas Strut Buyers Guide: Which Gas Strut Should I Order?

    You might not know it yet, but gas struts are everywhere. If you’re looking for a smooth lifting motion to help you open a door, hatch, window or anything else, it’s almost a certainty that there’ll be gas struts involved in the operation. Read more
  • How To Order the Correct Vehicle Gas Strut

    Gas struts for vehicles are used in a number of different ways. Whether it’s the gas struts in your boot, bonnet, hood or door, it’s important that you replace them when they start to go faulty. Although it might seem relatively straightforw Read more
  • How to Calculate the Force Required for a Gas Strut

    How to Calculate the Force Required for a Gas Strut If you wish to fix gas struts to a new application then please see our free design service. We can specify the correct gas struts, mounting locations and brackets for your application. As well as Read more

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