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Power Tools

  • What Nail Gun Do I Need to Buy? Types of Nail Guns & Their Uses | SGS

    What nail gun do I need? Struggling to understand the world of nail guns and which is the best nail gun for your task at hand? Fear not, we’ve put together this guide to help you get to grips with all things nail and pin guns, no matter whe Read more
  • Angle Grinder Uses: how to use an angle grinder for cutting | SGS

    Do you want to know how to use a grinder successfully? This guide from SGS Engineering takes you through the different angle grinder uses. How to use an angle grinder safely An angle grinder has many uses and if you know how to get the mo Read more
  • Angle Grinders: How to Choose the Best One

    Struggling to understand which angle grinder you require for the task in hand? SGS Engineering have put together this guide to help you choose which angle grinder to buy. You’ve heard how versatile and useful an angle grinder can be around Read more
  • Drill Bit Guide: What Drill Bit Do I Need?

    Are you looking for the right drill bit for your project? This drill bit guide from SGS Engineering will help you choose the best fit for the job. Drill bit guide: What Drill Bit Do I Need? Knowing what drill bit to use and when to use it Read more
  • How to Use a Mitre Saw Safely & Correctly

    A mitre saw can seem like one of the more intimidating power tools to get to grips with, but that's probably just down to the 3,000 RPM blade near your digits. If you've ever wanted to safely learn how to use a mitre saw - this is the Read more
  • Mitre Saws Explained: What is a mitre saw and how to choose one | SGS

    Are you trying to work out what size mitre saw to buy? This guide from SGS Engineering explains what they are and the difference between them. Choosing a mitre saw A mitre saw is an essential tool for all sorts of carpentry tasks, whether Read more
  • How to Choose the Best Jigsaw for the Job

    Once you’ve decided that it’s a jigsaw that you need, then all you have to do is choose the right one for the job. However, often when it comes to power tools, that’s much easier said than done, because there are so many different types of Read more
  • Impact Wrench Guide: Which Impact Wrench Should I Buy? | SGS

    Impact Wrench Guide: Which impact wrench should I buy? An impact wrench can prove incredibly useful for successfully completing a wide range of tasks – from home DIY projects to car repairs or other bits of work. In some cases, it can even Read more
  • Drill and Driver Buyers Guide: What Drill Do I Need?

    Need to use a drill but confused which one is right for the job? SGS Engineering has created this handy guide to help you on your way. Every DIY enthusiast and professional tradesman needs power tools that they can rely on. The drill is essen Read more
  • How to Drill Perfectly Every Time

    There are many different reasons why you might need to use a drill, ranging from DIY to professional trades purposes. Whatever the situation using these power tools safely is an absolute must, otherwise you risk injury, damaging what you’re working Read more

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