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  • The Best Tools for Gardening: Get a Head Start

    New Year, New Garden? SGS Products that Can Help You Get the Job Done When January rolls around, contrary to popular belief, this is an ideal time to revitalise your garden. While some may argue you should leave your garden during the winter months, Read more
  • Mystery Monday Round-Up for February 2015

    In our Mystery Monday competition for February, we’ve seen some very interesting cars and some equally interesting guesses. If you didn’t get chance to catch this month’s vehicles, you’ll find them in this post. For the uninitiated, we use ou Read more
  • The Load Leveller Challenge

    Have you ever wondered how much your load levellers could hold? They hold your engines and gearboxes often, but they can hold up to 680kg. So what does that look like in the big wide world? From several blue whales, almost 100 AK-47s to thousands of Read more
  • How Much Can Your Inflatable Jack Lift?

    Here, in the latest of our series of fun infographics, we take a look at our range of inflatable jacks, and how much they could theoretically lift. From 1.1 ton to 67 ton inflatable jacks available, we have a wide range of inflatable jacks for a wide Read more
  • Mystery Monday Round-Up for November!

    If you’ve not been keeping up to date with our Mystery Monday challenges over on our Facebook page, or even on Twitter, then you’re in luck. At the end of every month, we collate the past 4 weeks’ photos here on our blog, so you don’t have to Read more
  • Mystery Monday Round-Up For October!

    For October, our ever-popular, weekly ‘Mystery Monday’ challenge has once again seen some of our posted pictures of vehicles being correctly identified by our followers, but also has once again seen some of these challenges leaving many of you st Read more
  • Join the Air Force: Weird and Wonderful Uses for Air Power

    With air tools and compressors, you can literally do any work tasks. This ranges from cutting, grinding, spraying, nailing, inflating, cleaning, wrenching - and more. The point is, if you can do the task, it's more than certain there will be an air t Read more
  • Generator Joy: Finding the Perfect Option for Your Voyage

    If you are planning on going on a road trip in a car, with a towed caravan, or in a motorhome and that may include some camping element to it, you will invariably find that these days you will have a lot of gear that will need to be powered. The crea Read more
  • Hoisting Power: How Much Can Your Engine Crane Hoist?

    Hoists are incredibly useful tools and they are ones that are essential in practically any garage. No matter what you use your hoist for; it’s undoubtedly an invaluable tool. However, here in the SGS office, we’ve been wondering about just what i Read more
  • Basic Car Maintenance - Everything You Need To Know

    You would be surprised how simple car maintenance can not only improve the lifespan of your vehicle but also potentially save you thousands of pounds from future problems found in MOTs and services. It’s a common misconception that you need to be a Read more

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