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  • What Else Could a SGS Chainsaw Power?

    Here at SGS Engineering we have a number of excellent chainsaws. We know our chainsaws can easily eat their way through thick logs, but what else could they power? Read more
  • Be Good to Your Garage: Essential Tools Every Home Garage Needs

    Now that Spring has sprung, and the days are getting longer, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your beloved garages an upgrade. We’ve put together this post to offer you some recommendations about which of our tools are essential for every hom Read more
  • Mystery Monday Round-Up for March

    As March comes to a close, it’s time again to recap our popular ‘Mystery Monday’ challenge from the last few weeks. To remind you of the rules, or if you’re new to our game, on every Monday of each month SGS-Engineering posts a picture of a v Read more
  • From Chocks to Jacks to Creepers: Revolutionise Your Maintenance Jobs

    Whether you’re working in a professional garage or in your own personal garage at home, the importance of having equipment that can comfortably stand up to a variety of different demands, while at the same time being safe to use, cannot be ignored. Read more
  • Which Supercars Use Gas Struts?

    While there’s the more obvious benefits, like being able to enjoy amazing performance and incredible speed, little features are what really put supercars on their much-deserved pedestals. This is where the humble gas strut really comes into its own Read more
  • The Best Tools for Gardening: Get a Head Start

    New Year, New Garden? SGS Products that Can Help You Get the Job Done When January rolls around, contrary to popular belief, this is an ideal time to revitalise your garden. While some may argue you should leave your garden during the winter months, Read more
  • Mystery Monday Round-Up for February 2015

    In our Mystery Monday competition for February, we’ve seen some very interesting cars and some equally interesting guesses. If you didn’t get chance to catch this month’s vehicles, you’ll find them in this post. For the uninitiated, we use ou Read more
  • The Load Leveller Challenge

    Have you ever wondered how much your load levellers could hold? They hold your engines and gearboxes often, but they can hold up to 680kg. So what does that look like in the big wide world? From several blue whales, almost 100 AK-47s to thousands of Read more
  • How Much Can Your Inflatable Jack Lift?

    Here, in the latest of our series of fun infographics, we take a look at our range of inflatable jacks, and how much they could theoretically lift. From 1.1 ton to 67 ton inflatable jacks available, we have a wide range of inflatable jacks for a wide Read more
  • Mystery Monday Round-Up for November!

    If you’ve not been keeping up to date with our Mystery Monday challenges over on our Facebook page, or even on Twitter, then you’re in luck. At the end of every month, we collate the past 4 weeks’ photos here on our blog, so you don’t have to Read more

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