From Chocks to Jacks to Creepers: Revolutionise Your Maintenance Jobs

Whether you’re working in a professional garage or in your own personal garage at home, the importance of having equipment that can comfortably stand up to a variety of different demands, while at the same time being safe to use, cannot be ignored. With our equipment you can rest assured you are getting a quality product that won’t let you down and that will ultimately make your job far easier; what follows are a selection of such lines with additional information about their best uses:

Trolley Jacks

When lifting a vehicle to carry out work or repairs, it goes without saying but you will want to be certain the supporting mechanisms are sturdy and secure, and with our trolley jacks you can be. Our trolley jacks come with clearly designated tonnage capacities and are expertly-designed to be robust and durable when lifting. Some models are also powered by hydraulic pumps which make your lifting easier and quicker, particularly compared to manual scissor jacks.

Wheel Chocks

In terms of working safely, every garage should have a set of wheel chocks to prevent the potential danger of your vehicles rolling when you are working on them. We have a variety available to suit a range of different vehicles, as well as caravans and trailers. Whichever you choose, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that our hard wearing wheel chocks will hold your vehicle firmly in place. The other positive aspect of our wheel chocks is they are great value considering how important they are to your vehicle maintenance. They are also compact enough to fit into any garage without taking up a large amount of space.

Tool Chests and Cabinets

One of the most important pieces of equipment in any garage is your tool chests and cabinets, not only are they a place to securely store and organise your tools, but they keep everything you need in one easy, accessible place. You shouldn’t just get any run-of-the-mill tool chest though; you need something that can accommodate your current tool set as well as giving you enough space to allow your collection to grow. Our larger range of tool chests are the ideal choice for you, not only for these reasons but because they are sturdy and built with protective coating to improve longevity. Also in terms of safety, the added touches you get from our tool chests - like anti-slip drawer linings and locking brakes on caster wheels – means you have security as well as spacious storage.

Car Creepers

Another more time-effective option when it comes to checking and working on the underneath of a vehicle, is to invest in one of our car inspection creepers. This equipment gives you quick and easy access to the underside of your vehicle, rather than the longer lifting and jacking it. The low-profile designs, supportive casters and comfortable body support mean you can easily wheel yourself under your vehicle to get your jobs done promptly and safely – another excellent time saver.

Mechanic Seats

As any mechanic will tell you, being able to work comfortably is a key part of getting a job done – otherwise you can run the risk of making a mistake or injuring yourself. Our mechanic seats are more than just somewhere to sit, thanks to their swivel castor wheels you can move around your garage, getting quicker access to your tools without the inconvenience of having to get up and potentially interrupt your work. These aren’t an obvious choice for many but will really make a difference to your garage. So, whether your needs are professional or domestic, by investing in great value and top-quality equipment you can revolutionise any job you are working on by giving your workplace a safe, productive and dynamic edge over your typical garage.