How Do I Adjust the Force on my Gas Strut?

Please read before adjusting or mounting the gas struts.

Gas struts are filled with high pressure Nitrogen and under no circumstances should they be opened or subject to excessive heat.

  1. The internal pressure of a gas strut is very high and should be treated with caution.
  2. Using the Allen key provided undo the grub screw until gas can be heard escaping. Then re-tighten the grub screw.
  3. Only release the gas in one second bursts to avoid releasing too much gas.
  4. Repeat the process until the gas strut is behaving as desired.
  5. In the case of multiple gas struts adjust them in an alternating order to keep them equal.
  6. Fit the gas strut with the cylinder uppermost. The adjustment valve located at the uppermost end of the cylinder.
  7. Gas strut must be upright with the valve at the top and the rod pointing down during adjustment to avoid excessive loss of oil.
  8. A small mist of oil may be ejected from the valve during adjustment – this is normal.
  9. Avoid excessive force when adjusting the grub screw as this may damage the grub screw.
  10. Under no circumstances should the grub screw be removed