How to Change Strimmer Wire on a 52cc Strimmer Bump Spool

See our picture how-to guide below, for our easy step-by-step instructions on how to change your SGS 52cc Strimmer spool.

You can buy a replacement strimmer spool or line on our website here.

Step One

To remove the spool, place your provided hex key through the black protective cup in the spool.

Step Two

Spin the spool clockwise until it comes away from the shaft.

Step Three

Push the push button down with your thumb and twist off the top.

Step Four

Twist the spool out of the casing. You should have a spring and two washers inside.

Step Five

Fold the strimming wire in half. Place the line over the spool, with one side of line in each half. Wrap both halves all the way round the spool. Bring the line through the loop.

Step Six

Pull the line tight and hook the knot into the slot in spool. Now wrap the strimmer line around the spool, being careful to have each half of the line in the appropriate half of the spool.

Step Seven 

Pull the ends of the line out of the two oval slots in the spool. Replace both washers and the spring in the spool base.

Step Eight

Push the spool back into the base, onto the spring. Be sure to line up the 3 teeth with the 3 notches.

Step Nine

Bend both ends of the strimming wire into right angles. Thread each line end into the hole in the spool base.

Step Ten

Push the spool down into the base

Step Eleven 

Line up the top with the base. Push down and twist. Your spool should now be back together!

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