How To Order the Correct Vehicle Gas Strut


Gas struts for vehicles are used in a number of different ways. Whether it’s the gas struts in your boot, bonnet, hood or door, it’s important that you replace them when they start to go faulty. Although it might seem relatively straightforward, there are a number of steps that you’ll need to follow if you wish to find the correct replacement gas strut for your vehicle.


Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast, a mechanic who needs a refresher, or you’re simply a regular person looking to replace their gas struts, please follow the steps in the picture guide below to get the gas struts you need.




Locate the OEM part number(s) on the strut you wish to replace and make a note of them.
These are usually located on the thicker part of the strut body and are generally a combination of letters, digits and dashes.




Use the search bar at the top of our website to search for the part numbers. The correct gas strut should appear and you can order it straight from our store for next day delivery


If your part number returns no search results, or you cannot read the part number on the strut, please use the link below to fill in our enquiry form and our team will be able to help you determine which strut you require.





Why is there such a wide variety of gas struts?


Ultimately, gas struts are used in a range of different sections of a vehicle. From helping to deliver a boot opening motion that is smooth and elegant, to giving your customised upward-opening doors a sophisticated look, there’s no denying that gas struts are essential for both the general automotive user and the enthusiast.


This diverse portfolio of uses coupled with the fact that different models of car use different gas struts explains why there are so many different gas struts available to purchase. So ultimately, the proliferation of the gas strut is why it can be so difficult to purchase.





Although gas struts are extremely common and there are many to choose from on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one without the right guidance and tools, unless you know exactly where to look and what tools to use . Thanks to this guide, you should now have the know-how to locate the part number on your old gas strut and use that to get a matching replacement.


If you still need more help check out our Gas Strut Buyers Guide or contact one of our brilliant team!