Air Compressors

  • How to Choose the Perfect Air Compressor Hose

    Getting yourself a quality air compressor hose is essential to ensure stable air pressure, a tight seal and a consistent power output, but with a huge range of variety of hoses available on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start w Read more
  • Nailer Buying Guide: Which Nail Gun Do I Need

    Struggling to understand which nail gun you require for the task in hand? SGS Engineering have put together this guide to help you choose which nail gun to buy. Nail guns are essential tools for driving nails into tough material such as hard w Read more
  • How to Choose the Best Air Compressor for the Job

    Here at SGS, we have a huge range of professional and DIY air equipment for numerous applications and requirements. We understand that it might seem daunting to try and pair your air tools with a specific air compressor, especially when the ran Read more
  • How Do I Adjust The Cut Off Pressure Of The Compressor?

    Occasionally you may want to adjust the cut off pressure of your air compressor. With your SGS air compressor it couldn't be simpler to make these small adjustments.  The compressor is controlled by a pressure switch and a relief valve. The compre Read more
  • How to Spray Paint your Vehicle

    With our handy how to guide you can get the same finish as you would at a professional auto body shop but at a fraction of the cost. Safety Equipment Required: Spray Mask - with detachable filters that can be removed and replaced (alternatively di Read more
  • Air Compressor Safety Tips

    It's really important to look after yourself, others around you, and your air compressor equipment; so have a look at our SGS Engineering Air Compressor Safety Tips below. For the longevity of your air compressor   Repairs must only be carrie Read more
  • How to Set Up & Use an Air Compressor Safely

    Air compressors are great for a wide range of work tasks, such as: drilling, hammering, sanding, grinding, cutting, nailing, stapling, wrenching and more. Above we have a video showing how to use and setup and air compressor.  They can be used by am Read more
  • Air Compressor Setup for Spray Guns

    We all like a perfect finish, whether it is spray painting a car, the inside wall of a house, or a garden fence. Despite the most fastidious preparation the end result can resemble a pewter jug - the dreaded "orange peel" effect - if the paint applic Read more

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