• Use Your Generator Safely - Generator Safety Guide

    A portable generator can be an incredibly useful tool whether you’re using it at home, professionally in a commercial setting or on a camp site for leisure activities. It’s worth keeping in mind that with every engine driven machine, there ar Read more
  • How to Use Your Portable Generator In Case of a Power Cut

    Most of us at some point in our lives will have faced a power outage at home. Aside from the obvious inconvenience this causes, it can also be dangerous – particularly at night. Not only is there the risk of injury to you and those around you, you Read more
  • Can My Generator Be Used Outside In All Weather?

    There are many applications where you might want to use your generator outside, such as camping. This quick guide explains what weather protection each of the generators we sell have and where it's appropriate to use them in wetter conditions. SGS G Read more
  • Do I Need to Earth My Generator?

    Portable petrol generators are self earthed, and as such it is not necessary to have an earthing device. This includes all the SGS brand generators. Only when you start using a generator about 10.0KVA or above you should be using an earthing spike. S Read more
  • Charging Batteries with your SGS Generator

    We often get asked about the best way to charge a battery with an SGS generator. We've put together this quick guide to help explain how best to use your generator for charging, as well as to explain what your 12-volt output is for. Important: Althou Read more
  • How Do I Drain The Fuel and Oil From My Generator?

    To drain the fuel from a generator Make sure the fuel tap is off Unclip the fuel hose from generator leaving it still attached to the fuel tap Put the end of the hose into your fuel can Open the fuel tap and let the fuel drain out To drain the oil Read more
  • Typical Power Ratings of Common Electrical Equipment

    You can use this guide to help select the appropriate generator for your needs. This is an approximate guide only. Please consult the equipment manufacturer for precise wattage. If in doubt, select the next largest generator.  1000Watts = 1.0KW 1.25 Read more
  • Generator Buyers Guide: Which Generator Should I Order?

    Here at SGS we have a wide variety of generators for a number of domestic and commercial applications, so we understand that finding the perfecting one for your requirements might seem daunting at first. We’ve spent some time putting together a Read more
  • How to Start and Set Up Your Petrol Generator

    We all wonder what we would do if the power went out for any length of time. Picture it, you're sat there during a power cut and thinking 'I'll make a cup of tea', or 'I'll listen to the radio for the cricket match.' However, each and every time it's Read more

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