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Hydraulic Bench Presses: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

The ultimate hydraulic bench press buyers guide

What is hydraulic press?

A hydraulic press is a machine that uses force placed upon a liquid, typically oil, as a compression device. Hydraulic presses can be found in both automatic and manually operated designs, both of which will come equipped with an array of safety features such as barrier guards and interlocking. The first step in choosing a suitable hydraulic bench press for your needs is to have a clear and concise list of all the regular jobs that you need your press for. Whether you need your press for blanking, punching, stamping, bending, drawing, metal forming or moulding, having a good idea of what you need your press for will help you in deciding which press best suits your needs.

How do hydraulic presses work?

How do hydraulic presses work?

A hydraulic press works using Pascal’s law, which states that when pressure is applied to a confined fluid, the pressure change occurs throughout the entire fluid. A hydraulic bench press system features two cylinders. The oil is poured into one cylinder (A1) which has a much smaller diameter than its counterpart. Then the piston (F1) in the smaller cylinder is pushed so that it pressurised the fluid, so it then flows through the pipe and into the larger cylinder (A2).

What is Ram in hydraulic press?

Both the cylinders in the hydraulic press's system have pistons in them, when speaking in hydraulic terminology, the larger output piston of a hydraulic press is called as a “ram” and the smaller one is called “plunger”.

What is a hydraulic press used for?

Hydraulic bench presses are primarily designed to be able to remove gears, bushings, pulleys, bearings, U-joints, ball joints and other sorts of metal forming work. Whether it's a bent shaft, control arm, steering linkage, or other component, a hydraulic press can apply pressure to straighten things out.

The hydraulic press itself is mostly used for industrial purposes, in situations when large pressure is needed for the compression of materials, most typically metal, into large sheet. In certain industries, it will be used to thin glass, make powders for cosmetic uses and for tablets for medical use, and so much more. A hydraulic press is also at the heart of any car crushing system, the uses for a hydraulic press are many, and incredibly varied from professional to DIY hydraulic presses are a great addition to your tool collection.

Selecting Your Press Tonnage

Modern hydraulic presses come in a range of tonnage and with a variety of features. One of the first things to consider when purchasing a hydraulic press is selecting the tonnage. Is the tonnage required to do a job the same for a hydraulic press as it is for a mechanical press? The answer is yes. There is no real difference. The same formulae are used to determine tonnage for both types of presses.

10 Tonne Bench Hydraulic Press

10 tonne hydraulic press

This 10 Tonne bench mounted hydraulic press is capable of bending, pressing or extruding and makes light work of installing ball joints, U-joints and pulleys. Ideal for many garage and workshop applications. Includes a set of four steel mandrels, adaptor, fixing bracket and press plate, allowing this press to be used for a wider range of applications involving different sized work pieces.

12 Tonne Bench Hydraulic Press

12 tonne hydraulic press

With it's H shaped frame, this press measures 600mm wide and 1335mm tall. The cylinder can be easily moved across width of upper bolster allowing for off-centre pressing. The worktable is height-adjustable, and this allows you to set required heights between work piece and the work head.

20 Tonne Bench Hydraulic Press

20 tonne hydraulic press

This 20 Tonne H-frame hydraulic press is capable of bending, pressing or extruding and makes light work of installing ball joints, U-joints and pulleys - making it ideal for many automotive and industrial applications. Includes a set of mandrill pressing attachments. The mandrills are 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25 and 30mm in diameter. The cylinder head glides across the width of the upper bolster allowing off-centre pressing. This press exceeds the latest UK safety standards and is CE, TUV and GS marked.

30 Tonne Bench Hydraulic Press

30 ton hydraulic press

The ram is fitted underneath the work-head mount, and when the user presses the handle of the hydraulic jack to generate a hydraulic force, the work-head mount is pushed downwards along with its ram, and this also stretches the spring. Flexibility is another aspect you will definitely love about this product. In this regard the press is equipped with a flexible height table. This, coupled with its H-frame design, allows the press to accommodate relatively large and bulky items.

50 Tonne Bench Hydraulic Press

50 tonne hydraulic press

This Hydraulic bench press is designed to deliver a maximum of 50 tones of pressure. Other features that make this product an appealing choice include a flat ram nose and reduced step nose. Additionally, the machine is equipped a hydraulic air pump and hand pump, protection guard, dual use v-blocks for cylindrical work pieces and flat pressing plates, positioning winch with auto lock, foot control and gauge.

75 Tonne Bench Hydraulic Press

75 tonne hydraulic press

Having been designed for heavy duty applications, this press easily delivers up to 75 tons of pressure. The product features a 2-stage, air-driven hydraulic pump. This makes the unit ideal for the rather delicate metal pressing as well as for the heavy-duty pressing applications. With regards to durability, this product wont disappoint. To begin with, it has a durable steel frame and is also shock resistant, which further enhances durability in the work environment. Supplied fully assembled and carton packed on a pallet, ensuring no fuss set up.

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