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SGS and Jaguar Land Rover

Here at SGS we get some exciting projects come across our desk and through our workshop. Whether it's bespoke gas struts for a super yacht or providing equipment for the latest blockbuster film, we love a challenge. This collaboration between SGS and Jaguar, Land Rover was heavily reliant on our expertise in precision hydraulics.

The Brief

The Land Rover Factory, Solihull

Jaguar Land Rover approached us with a seemingly simple, but somewhat challenging brief; the numerous different dies, that Jaguar use for all the different body panels of their cars, need regularly separating for routine maintenance tasks. Normally, they'd use a full size workshop press to achieve this, however this is an arduous process, requiring many people. They wanted a bespoke piece of equipment to streamline the process and save man hours.

The tricky part of the project is that the dies need pulling apart from four corners, otherwise they'd simply catch and stick together, making them harder to separate. Cue some precision engineering solutions from SGS...

The Solution

With all the expertise you'd expect from a platinum Power Team distributor, our engineers put their heads together. We designed and made a bespoke mobile hydraulic cart, to fit the brief.

Designed for mobility, four stainless steel hose reels can be stored and deployed from the unit with ease. The on-board Power Team, electric hydraulic pump powers the four hydraulic cylinders by pumping oil through the manifold block and in to the hydraulic cylinders. The needle valves and gauges help the operator ensure that the lift is even; each hydraulic cylinder can be individually adjusted thereby maintaining the perfect lift.


PT-boxSGS are industry experts in 700 bar hydraulics and platinum SPX Power Team distributors. With over 30 years experience in hydraulic equipment and tools we have all the knowledge required to get even the most pressing of projects off the ground. We're an official Power Team Repair centre and hold the largest stock of Power Team brand in Europe, including their range of 700 bar hydraulic tools, pumps, cylinders, jacks, pressesbearing pullers, nut splitters and much, much more! Talk to our team on 01332 576 850 today about your hydraulic requirements.